Monday, November 19, 2007

My REAL Heart-throb

Eat your heart out, Brian Williams!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brian Williams, my new crush

I laughed SO hard at this! I watched Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago with Brian Williams hosting. I was belly laughing through the whole show. Kurt says he thinks it's because I have a crush on Brian Williams, because he didn't think it was as funny as I did. Maybe he's right. In any case, I'm posting two of my favorite skits. I can't figure out how to put the actual video on here, so I'll just put the two links:

Kurt says, "Are you sure you really want those on your blog?" He's just jealous b/c I put a video up of Brian Williams before I put up a video of him. Sorry, Kurty! Maybe you should do a video of you as James Bond- I would TOTALLY post it on here. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Family Pictures 2007

We had a friend (thanks, Jen Friedman!) take our family pictures at Mt. Auburn cemetary on Saturday. Here are some of our favorites. Disclaimer: it was very cold and the kids were both tired and hungry. I think there were only 2 pictures where Max was looking at the camera. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, I think Jen did a great job.

p.s. I hate Blogger's picture download software!!

The Great Madisonian strikes again...

Kurt was talking to Madi the other night and said, "Madi, what's your full name." "Madison Jolene Knight," she replied. Not too surprising because I've been working with her on that one. Then he says, "What's your phone number?" Guess what? She knew it! I'm not joking. I have never once in all of the child's 27 months told her what her phone number was, but here she was rattling it off to Daddy. She must have picked it up from hearing me tell people on the phone. I was aghast. What other things has she picked up unbeknownst to Mom and Dad?

Maybe this week, I will teach her to introduce our whole family at social gatherings. "This is my mother. She enjoys books, politics, and friendly banter. This is my father. He likes football, opera, and long walks on the beach. And this is my baby brother. He likes smiling, giggling, and playing Rolley with me." Who knows? Maybe she'll pick it up in Greek, too...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Do you smell that?

Yesterday, Madi and Max and I were hanging out (I think I was nursing). Madi was working on a stinky diaper. Suddenly, she plugged her nose (I will HAVE to get a picture of this b/c it is HILARIOUS!) and said, "P.U.! Something stinks. Whew!! Is it you, Mommy?" I was laughing so hard at this point that I just shook my head. She repeated the whole thing, then I finally said, "Madi, I think it's you." She said, "Oh. Mommy, I have a stinky diaper." Let's hear it for creative ways of asking Mom to change you.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A REAL Ghost Story

The weekend before Halloween, Kurt and I decided to go to Salem for a date. We took a candle light tour, which we've both always wanted to do.

The guide took us on a tour of all the haunted places in downtown Salem. It was really interesting. Here's a shot of the graveyard where a ton of people swear they see and hear ghosts all the time. The guide told us to take a picture b/c people see ghosts on their film all the time. I was like, "Yeah right," but I took the picture anyway.

This next shot is what has now been infamously dubbed, "THE PICTURE" by Kurt and I. The picture is of a restaurant that was built on top of what used to be Bridget Bishop's orchard (she was one of the first people killed in the witch trials). The guide told us that this site is notoriously active in supernatural events. She said just recently, the Discovery Channel tried to film something for one of their programs (one on haunted houses or something), but they had tons of technical difficulties. Yeah, yeah, whatever, lady! That's what I said until I took this:

I thought at first that it was rain or something, but it wasn't raining. I quickly took another picture which turned out like this.

I showed the guide and she told me it was ectoplasm. I had captured a ghost on film! Me, the unbeliever! Say what you will, but I think it was Bridget Bishop trying to tell me to stop taking pictures of her property! :) Isn't it crazy? I have been talking about THE PICTURE ever since I took it. I think I might try to sell it. :)

My Favorite Recent Pix

Madi and I were fingerpainting, and I suddenly had the urge to paint her belly. I just put a couple finger prints on it, but she would have none of it. "Don't paint my belly, Mommy!" I said sorry, but its smooth roundness called out to me, and I couldn't resist painting it again. That really made her mad, so we determined my consequence was to sit on the step for a minute. When I got off the step, I came back in and she had painted her entire torso. I tried to get her to hold still for a picture, but she was really wiggly. Notice my toes holding on to her jeans, trying to get her to stay in one place so I could get the shot.

I have a funny video of this. Maybe I'll try to post it. Madi LOVES harrassing Max in the morning. It's harrassment laced with love. :)

There is no way to capture the funny-ness of this moment. This shot was the best I could do. Madi decided to climb behind the couch last Sunday morning and got stuck. The harder she tried to get out, the more stuck she got. We had to pull the couch out from the wall and gently extricate her. It was actually not very easy to do.

Max, my sweet little boy. I love this picture. Makes him look like a little cherub...with no wings and a striped suit on.

Too cute.

Before Kurt took this picture, he said that Madi was laying on Max's lap with her arm around him. As soon as she saw the camera, she rolled over. Still a cute pic.

Playing at the playground. I like this picture because, sadly enough, it's one of the only ones I have of the fall leaves.

I caught one of her laughs on film! Cool, but totally accidental.

Monday, November 5, 2007

What do you get when you mix Halloween with a BFA in Acting?

King Kong grabbing his girlfriend....
and a facebook page.
Katie, how do you come up with these things?

Halloweenie in Bostoneeny

My sister started calling this holiday Halloweenie and I cannot for the life of me get that name out of my head. So, I guess for the time being, I will just stop fighting. :) This was our FHE activity the Monday before Halloween- pumpkin carving. You can see how interested Madi was in the goop and seeds. She loved helping to carve the pumpkin, though, and had even more fun putting the candle inside and watching it glow in the dark.

Here's Kurt on one of the rare Monday nights where he's here and not in New York. Madi is probably talking about the cool candle inside the pumpkin. She was so excited, she couldn't sit down for long.

Here we are, looking at the candle inside the pumpkin... again. Max is just along for the ride. He had fun watching us. I think he's more interested in the camera than the pumpkin.
Yea! We're all looking at the camera!

Here's the actual Halloween night picture. My kids were goldfish and I was fish food (see the sign behind them). Halloween night was kind of a fiasco. About a half hour before we were going to go trick-or-treating, the carbon monoxide detector went off. At first, I thought it was just the batteries dying, but when the upstairs monitor started going off, too, I thought I better call. Apparently, our stove has been producing carbon monoxide since we moved in, but in small amounts. For some reason, the stock pot I used on the stove this night reacted funny with the flame and started producing lethal amounts of carbon monoxide. The guy told me that if I had had 15 minutes exposure to it (next to the stove), I would have died. Considering, I had had 10 minutes of exposure to it, I feel pretty lucky to be alive right now. Needless to say, Halloween ended up being one crazy night. Thank goodness for my neighbors, the Tofts, who took my kids and fed Madi while we were getting the house aired out. Then, they went the extra mile and helped me take the kids trick or treating afterwards. I am so lucky to have such fabulous neighbors.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another Funny Madi Story...

We were at Wilson Farms, walking down the stairs to see the animals with Madi leading the way. Suddenly, she stops, looks back at me and says, "Are you following me?"
Yep, sure am, kid. You can't lose me that easily. :)

Funny as that was, it did not make me laugh as hard as a previous Thursday's events. We were driving home from Kindermusik a few weeks ago, Madi entertaining herself in her car seat. It was a beautiful day, so I had the windows down. Suddenly, I hear, "OH NO!! MY SHOES!!" I looked back and see Madi craning her head in order to locate the pink crocs she had just chucked out her window. I quickly pulled into a driveway, watched as a truck plowed over her shoe (with Madi shouting "Oh no! The truck, Mommy! MY SHOES!!"), ran into the middle of the street (Concord Ave- one of the busiest streets in Cambridge) and snatched the shoes right before another car tumbled over them again. I returned to triumphant calls of "You did it, Mommy! Thanks!" coming from the backseat.