Monday, October 27, 2008


I am so hopelessly behind in posting. I know.

I sit here listening to Madi sing "Loathing" from the musical, Wicked during her "quiet time" and realize that I'm just not ready to use the remaining minutes of her forced relaxation to catch up.

I will take 5 minutes and do updates on the family:

Kurty- He's doing great, but is uber busy at work. He is looking forward to a more relaxing schedule next month as he starts his stint as the BCG recruiter for HBS. He's excelling in his career (anyone who knows Kurt well knows how expected this is, considering his brain functions like an Exel spreadsheet), and has really enjoyed his time at BCG so far.

Jenn- Finished my thesis proposal, still sludging through literary research, interviews, data, and drafts of thesis chapters. Completely enjoying Fall in Boston, and recuperating from a really great week with my college friends last weekend... too much fun. I'm really having a good time with the kiddos- have had a complete paradigm shift after reading "Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm" (highly recommend this book!). Baby due to arrive anytime in the next 2-5 weeks. Life is busy, but really good.

Madi- She is as creative and fun as always. She LOVES preschool and comes home and tells me cool things she learns everyday. Things like: giving her teacher "personal space," not believing her friend when she convinces Madi NOT to show-and-tell about her toy so they will all have enough time to go outside and play on the slide (the teachers never take the kids outside after show-and-tell), and how to make Fall pictures out of noodles. :) She learns Bible stories, too, since she attends a Presbyterian pre-school, which she just loves. She took a full five minutes one day to tell me about Daniel in the Lion's Den. It's been a great experience for her (and me and Max) so far. Hopefully, things will keep going smoothly after arrival of Knight #3. She has taken to the baby in Mommy's belly really well so far, and seems to be genuinely excited to have a little sister coming. I'm somewhat relieved, since her reaction was so different when Max was about to come... hopefully, she will be as excited when her sister finally arrives. She's really excited about Halloween, and has taken the whole family on treat-or-treating practice runs through the house.

Max- What a character! This kid is hilarious right now. He loves climbing, Mr. Stinky (his stuffed animal), teasing Madi, and climbing... oh, and falling. He has found every way imaginable to fall into the trashcan next to the toilet (including head-first, my personal favorite), and just follows me around the house like a shadow. When he's not glued to my side, he's "exploring" (read: climbing) somewhere, and I usually realize that he's gone b/c he falls off of whatever he's exploring. He's taken tumbles from the dishwasher, the toilet, the bookcase, the couch, the stroller, the stairs (several), the attic ladder, various chairs around the house, and a couple tables, just to name a few. I promise I'm not a negligent parent, he's just really fast! He actually climbed up into the sink in the bathroom a few weeks ago and turned on the faucet. Luckily, I caught him right before he fell out of there (inevitably into the trashcan). I'm surprised that he's still in-tact after all his bumps and bruises. If he is my shadow, he's Kurt's parasite. As soon as Kurt walks through the door after work, Max is literally at his side until he goes to bed. He LOVES his dad. He tries to do whatever Kurt is doing, including watching football (though he doesn't have Kurt's patience for it, yet... but honestly, does anyone else really enjoy watching THAT much football???:)).

Baby #3- From the looks of my belly, you'd think I was carrying a 10 year old inside of me. :) Ok, I'm exaggerating, but I'm really big. I cannot imagine how big I would be right now if I really had been pregnant with twins! :) She's doing great and is scheduled to arrive on Nov. 30th. I think she's going to come early, though. We'll see, I guess.

Madi's quiet time has now escalated to her fighting with herself (or one of her imaginary friends). I guess I should let her out now. :) Hopefully, I'll get to post more soon.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Disturbing the peace

One of us (name withheld to protect the innocent) was playing with Madi and passed gas... loudly. Mommy laughed and said, "Sounds like there is a duck in here!" Madi said, "No, it's a wal-e-rus (ie: walrus). They do that sometimes when they're angry." Who knew?