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Final Stretch

What a roller coaster we have been on over the last month.  We found out on December 15th that Madi's brain cancer had spread like wildfire since the Halloween MRI.  There are about four new tumors growing in and around the area where the original tumor was removed, a new one on the other side of the brain, and another one deep in her brain next to her brain stem.  The experimental options for treatment we considered were moonshots at best.  But given how aggressive this cancer is, unless they panned out within a few weeks, we knew we would run out of time to try them. We gave her an older chemo drug just before Christmas to try to slow the tumor down a bit and buy us some time to get into a clinical trial. We knew more than likely we were headed into the final stretch with Madi.  And that final stretch was likely months, not years like we'd hoped. We had to start facing the hard reality that she was dying.

I think many people around us expected this - had basically already sa…

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