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Madi Update: Still doing well

Madi continues to progress well.  All of her motor slowness on the right side seems to have resolved itself.  We discovered from the first visit with the OT that her right hand is actually stronger than her left hand now and she has no visual "blind spots," which we were concerned about.  Her depth perception on her right side is still healing, but gets better everyday.  The one lingering (not permanent) problem is that the motor control in her eyes is still not up to its pre-surgical state.  This means that she gets really tired and overwhelmed after a few minutes of doing things she loved before: reading, sewing, art, etc... This has proved challenging, since she essentially has nothing to do during the day.  She had to go back on the steroids due to a relapse of symptoms (headache, nausea), so the same horrible steroids symptoms have also returned.  They are weaning her off of that again this week and so hopefully she will be feeling more normal soon. 

But as successful …

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