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Still doing great

Madi is continuing to heal really well.  She cannot wait go up and down the stairs without a "spotter" (me, too!), but we need to sign off with the doctor first.  She was getting bored yesterday, so I encouraged her to catch up on her schoolwork.  You can imagine how that went over after several missed weeks at school. :)  Grandma swooped in and took her to the toy store (in her jammies and a fedora) and spoiled her with craft supplies and toys :).  She's been doing sticker by number books, coloring, and doing watercolors and legos, all while listening to audiobooks, of course (though she has replaced her evening audiobook with a meditation soundtrack my sister brought us in the ICU. She says she sleeps much better).  Emotionally, she seems to be back to normal, resilient, happy self. I was filling out a survey about our time at Boston Children's Hospital this morning and she said, "Mom, make sure you say how wonderful and kind all the nurses were."  And wh…

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