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The Day

Well, here we are.  Madi has been gone for one year.  52 weeks. 365 days.  525,600 minutes.  And trust me when I say we have felt her absence in every. single. one.  The weight of this day has been pressing down on me for months, each day increasing the pressure a little bit more.  Flashes of conversations, snippets of memories, smiles and hugs and tears and pain have showered over my brain in an immaculate torment.  Sometimes, the pace is so quick and the gravity so strong that it immobilizes me completely.  I sit and must succumb to it all. 

 The last week stole any hope of normalcy, with my demons stealing my breath in great gulpy sobs, squeezing my lungs and gouging my eyes for long stretches of time until I sit empty, but somehow still full of sadness and grief.

That's the reality, folks.  Loss really takes the wind out of your sails. 
I was up this morning at 3am, waiting for that last whispy memory to come crashing into my mind again. I saw her again slipping from her broke…

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