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Madi's "fast" recovery

Yesterday feels like a dream.  One of those strange, slow-motion dreams that leaves random memories of like cats riding bikes and Aunt Susan talking about the surgeons not having to remove Frannie's rectum.   We spent so many hours trying to be productive, but unable to really concentrate on anything.  Ok, that was me.  Kurt got a lot done.

Once again, like the first time there was a group fast, we felt ensconced  in love. I'm not sure exactly why it touches me so much when people are willing to fast with and for us, especially people not of our faith.  Maybe because that kind of a gift is pure sacrifice for anyone to give.  I felt moved, but it was more than that. I felt a tangible power, helping me walk, helping me relax, helping me listen to news of Frannie's rectum without blinking an eye. I knew as the day wore on that this feeling came from the fast.  Last time, the day after the fast I felt like someone had ripped a warm blanket off of me.  Wracked with doubt and fe…

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