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To "Bob"

Dear Baby Brother-
We don't have a name for you yet, but your siblings call you "Bob," for some reason.
I thought maybe it would be therapeutic for me to write to you, since our only interaction is me waiting for you to move and wiggle.  Maybe this letter will help you know how much we love you already.

Today was a restorative day for all of us.  We went to our favorite beach here for the whole day.  Your siblings spent it almost entirely in the chilly Atlantic water, body-boarding in the waves, floating down the sea river that feeds into the ocean, building habitats for hermit crabs and shrimp, and meeting new and old friends in the surf.  William dug a big pit and oh! Anna desperately wanted to help!  Of course, a two year old helping to dig sand usually ends up as a two year old filling in a sand hole.  Anna got her feelings hurt.

But it all ended up ok.  Max took the reigns and helped William literally dig himself into a hole. Then, Max and Becca and Anna filled i…

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