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Looking at Q-tips (some non-Madi news)

I have been dreading this post for months.  I have spent so many nights lying in bed wondering how to tell everyone all that is transpiring in our lives.  I am sure I am not the only person who has a hard time sharing details of her personal life for friends and strangers to examine and judge. Nevertheless, I cannot hide this forever and it will be easier (and less awkward) for us if people can process all this information on their own time and not in our presence when it inevitably comes up.

Some of you may have noticed that my already noticeable belly is expanding a bit more than normal. It's because I am pregnant.  I am 21 weeks along with baby #6, a boy. Yes, I was pregnant before Madi was diagnosed with cancer, even before she started having symptoms, and yes, it was planned. It was very earnestly, extensively, thoughtfully, prayerfully, hopefully planned.  No, I haven't felt too physically sick, thank goodness.  

Unfortunately, that is where the good news ends.  A week…

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