Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thanks, Bob!

Madi read her first book on Sunday. If anyone knows the Bob books, it was the first one: Mat. She was so ecstatic. She wanted to read all of them right after. She then realized how long it took to sound out every word, so she stopped after the second book. Today, she finished #4. I'm so excited for her. Reading is probably the most wonderful gift anyone could receive- it opens a whole new world. Today, Bob... tomorrow, Harry Potter. Go, Madi!

Favorite Recent Pictures

Playing dress-up. Max is wearing a Little Red Riding Hood cape (thanks, Karen!!), Madi's in a boa (thanks, Nollie!) and poncho, and Becca is wearing a pirate eye patch which she obviously really enjoys :).

Kurt helped Madi build this. She was SO proud! (And so devastated when it melted)

The little stinker at work after he finished eating his black bean soup. Look at him... he knows he's just been caught.

I took violin lessons when I was 4, but had to stop when my teacher moved away. I switched to piano, but my mom kept my little violin and Madi begs to play it. This is her trying to practice. After hearing how it sounds when an (almost) 4 year old practices, I can't help but think my mom must have been grateful when my violin teacher moved away.

Kurt trying to soothe Becca during one of her fussy periods.

Madi loved this Little Red Riding Hood cape. My friend, Karen, knitted it for her. I could not believe it! It's so beautiful... I almost don't want the kids to play with it because I don't want it to get damaged. Thanks again, Karen!

Becca with Baby Annie- another gift from Madi. I think it pains Madi to see Becca all alone in her swing since Madi's such a social person. She makes sure either she (Madi) is in there with Becca, or the next best thing (one of her own babies).

Oh, Max...

In his hair, too.

Water-colors. More about the water than the color...

"Hey, there's my favorite toy!" says Max. (note that the picture's kind of fuzzy in some of these shots... that's because Max took a greasy finger and rubbed it all over the lens. Still trying to figure out how to clean it off without scratching it...)

Madi as a fairy ballerina.