Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's not leave you out, Becca...

(drunk on Crayola brown marker ink...she sucked the thing until it was completely do they know so young when to hide while they are getting into trouble??)
She has grown up so much since the last time I posted.  Love you, too, Bec!

Bye, everyone! Will post more after graduation...

Sweet Max

See, I do love you even though I ignored you in the Madi video. :)

Did you miss us?

I have been debating about whether or not to post this video... it was never meant to be public.  But it's been 3 months since I caught it on camera, and I still get so much pleasure from watching it, and laugh so hard every time, that I just have to share it.  I can't decide if I like the part where her robot dance turns to Primary stand up/sit down motions better, or if it's the part where she transforms into Rudolph before my very eyes (replete with prancing run).  Oh, Madi. 

I'm sad that I COMPLETELY ignored Max in this video... like not even an aknowledgement, really.  I am posting a follow-up with Max pictures to compensate and ease my guilty conscience.

I'm in the home stretch with my thesis.  One more month and life should be settled enough to put a little more effort into this blog 'o mine.  If you are still around and read this, YOU ARE A TROOPER!

p.s. I'm totally technologically impaired... I have no idea how to shorten/edit this video, so sorry it's 3 minutes... the best part is the first minute and a half or so...