Did you miss us?

I have been debating about whether or not to post this video... it was never meant to be public.  But it's been 3 months since I caught it on camera, and I still get so much pleasure from watching it, and laugh so hard every time, that I just have to share it.  I can't decide if I like the part where her robot dance turns to Primary stand up/sit down motions better, or if it's the part where she transforms into Rudolph before my very eyes (replete with prancing run).  Oh, Madi. 

I'm sad that I COMPLETELY ignored Max in this video... like not even an aknowledgement, really.  I am posting a follow-up with Max pictures to compensate and ease my guilty conscience.

I'm in the home stretch with my thesis.  One more month and life should be settled enough to put a little more effort into this blog 'o mine.  If you are still around and read this, YOU ARE A TROOPER!

p.s. I'm totally technologically impaired... I have no idea how to shorten/edit this video, so sorry it's 3 minutes... the best part is the first minute and a half or so...


Kat said…
Awesome video. LOVE it. Todd and I both laughed out loud at her little robot face doing such rad moves. I'm so glad you posted it. I think I'll go watch again :)
Mimi said…
I don't even think my kids have ever seen a robot dancer. We'll be at Katie's reception though - and maybe Maddie can do an encore performance. I love your posts though they are few and far between - they always make me laugh!
ty and megs said…
oh man! too many things to comment about in that video! here goes:
1- the robot is to die for.
2- no seriously. to die for.
3- your kids are way too grown up.
4- love the song with the kids screaming the abc's. what is that? i need to get it for mckinlay. when eliza is crying, mckinlay screams the abc's to her. it's her lullaby of choice. and let me tell ya, it totally clams her down (not).
5- when you say "you in the gray dress..." madi checks out her dress to see if you re talking to her.
6- eliza is screaming in her bed, so i better go get her.
7- um. see you on TUESDAY!!
8- did i mention i'm over the moon excited?
Jenn Knight said…
I still do not know where Madi saw a robot dance! But she also started saying around the same time, "Major, I'm a robot" (in a robot voice). I heard my nephew say this a few weeks later, so I'm guessing it's something real? Anyone know?
Nollie said…
I KNOW Madi learned the robot dance from Kurt while he was secretly perfecting it in the basement. :)
ty and megs said…
oh. you know. just coming back to watch the robot dance again. i can't get over it! i'll have mckinlay watch it tomorrow so hopefully she can pick up madi's sweet moves.

you you are enjoying the wedding/family vacation!! so good to see you last week! love ya!
Laura said…
Great video, Jenn. Madi's got some definite skills, but Jane especially got excited to see Becca. I think she enjoyed the video more than me.

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