Madi's "fast" recovery

Yesterday feels like a dream.  One of those strange, slow-motion dreams that leaves random memories of like cats riding bikes and Aunt Susan talking about the surgeons not having to remove Frannie's rectum.   We spent so many hours trying to be productive, but unable to really concentrate on anything.  Ok, that was me.  Kurt got a lot done.

Once again, like the first time there was a group fast, we felt ensconced  in love. I'm not sure exactly why it touches me so much when people are willing to fast with and for us, especially people not of our faith.  Maybe because that kind of a gift is pure sacrifice for anyone to give.  I felt moved, but it was more than that. I felt a tangible power, helping me walk, helping me relax, helping me listen to news of Frannie's rectum without blinking an eye. I knew as the day wore on that this feeling came from the fast.  Last time, the day after the fast I felt like someone had ripped a warm blanket off of me.  Wracked with doubt and fear and anxiety, I had a hard time holding it together.   So I was kind of prepared for it this time around. But not completely.

The first 12 hours post-surgery were the hardest yet on my poor mama heart.  They wheeled Madi in from the operating room yesterday looking as pale as death and moaning in pain from nausea. She spent a good deal of the night vomiting, despite her anti-nausea medication (normal for brain surgery, I guess).  She seemed uncomfortable and weak and in pain and I just wanted to crawl inside her and push her out and take it all from her.  What a heavy load to carry at just 11 years old.

But then this morning, the world looked so much different.  The sunlight came in and she woke up feeling good.  She kept down some crackers, then some water, then some animal crackers, then some eggs.  She was moving her arms and legs like a champ.  They ask her so many questions like "what year is it?" "where do you live?" "where are you now?" One of the questions they ask her is "when is your birthday?"  She answered it this morning, then the nurse immediately said, "what day is it?" Madi sat there with a consternated look on her face and then said, "I don't know."  The nurse said, "that's ok.  Can you tell me what month it is?"  Madi responded in kind of a uh-duh tone, "July."  I realized at that point that she thought the nurse was asking her what day her birthday would be on this year.  She sat trying to think ahead in her mind, but was so tired, she gave up. :) When she realized, she quickly said, "Oh!  Today is Thursday, May 18."  Funny girl.   She has been doing so well, they took the catheter out and she got up to use the bathroom.

Let me emphasize this.  She got out of 11-hour brain surgery less than 18 hours ago and she is already standing up, moving around, and sitting down.  Does anyone else think this is kind of miraculous?

Well, I'm NOT the only one because her surgeon checked in this morning and was amazed at how quickly she is recovering.  She will be leaving the ICU this afternoon and moving up to the adolescent floor.

Think what you will, but I'm convinced that it is all this praying and fasting.  I'm telling you there is real power behind this stuff!  Madi did not even know about the fast until this morning, so how does her body physiologically react to information she has not been given?

Thank you a million times over for your thoughts, fasting, and prayers on her (and our) behalf.  She is sleeping now, so maybe I will, too.  It was a long night.

I hope Frannie is recovering just as quickly. :)


Cheryl Minor said…
So glad to hear that recovery is going well. We have added Maddie to our prayer list at All Saints' and I will especially pray for you Jennifer - for your strength. Give my love to all the kids.
Clare said…
Jenn, I am so happy to hear this good news today. Please let Madi know that all her friends are thinking of her!
Ivan Flint said…
I love the line from the Ten Commandments movie where Pharoah finally concedes and tells nephritiri "His God is God".
And so it is. And so we will continue to implore the God of Heaven on Madi's behalf that His will will be done. We are in the holy land where so many great miracles have been performed! We feel His power blessing your family
Dona Griffin said…
As I prayed for Madi & those that love her I felt impressed we were going to experience a miracle & looks like we have. May His love continue to continue to teach us & may we never forget. Sending our love your way. Part of your Hoosier Conection,
Gene & Dona Griffin
Elyse and Steve said…
I'm so happy to hear that Madi is doing well. Your posts are beautiful and inspiring. We love you guys!
Suzanne Fraser said…
Jenn I know prayer and fasting work I am living proof I've had 3 medical miracles because all of you prayed and fasted a.nd cared about me. I told you there was a miracle for your family too. As I write this tears of joy are.rolling down my face. Every time I was sick in the hospital the knight's would come to visit. Every time. So I fasted 1 meal(I'm diabetic)and I went to the temple to save an 11 year old girl who I've watched grow up. An extraordinary girl who I've come to love like family. I felt in my heart that things will be ok and that th family is eternal.
Jana said…
Jann, I believe in miracles! Continued prayers and love in your behalf. ❤️
Becca Pizzi said…

#Teammadi #Teamfrannie

I'm in Fargo preparing to pace a marathon. Every single mile tomorrow is for Madi. XO
Lois Mason said…
Love and prayers and strong wishes to you Jenn and your precious Madi, and the whole family. As your friend so beautifully stated, families are eternal.
If there is anything I can do for you, large or small, give me a shout. I've ordered a special book for Madi that I know she will
treasure. Can't wait for it to arrive. I will mail it to your house. All my love to all of you. Stay strong!

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