If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it?

Apparently yes, since the reason we are entering the bloggosphere is because all our cool friends have blogs. We are officially joining the crowd. Sarah Anderson told me about a great website- blurb.com- that will print your blog and photos in a nice book. Sweet! The lazy woman's way to scrapbook! So, good-bye free time, hello blog.

The only real news I have today is that Madison almost got hit by a car. Luckily, I don't have a picture to post of that. Scared her pretty bad because I screamed, "Madison!!!!" at the top of my lungs as she was running toward the street. I was kind of embarrassed afterwards, but then realized that if I had not screamed like that, she would have kept right on running instead of looking back to see what her crazy mom was yelling about. So, thank heavens for a healthy set of pipes!

Max is smiling like a crazy man. If you look him in the eye while he's crying, he will literally smile and cry-laugh for a minute before he remembers he's still upset. What a funny little boy! He also likes to sleep with every square centimeter of his body pressed against whoever happens to be in bed at the time (Kurt, me, or Ralph the mailman...kidding. :)). Kurt woke up at 4 this morning because little Max was glued to his back. He lifted him up, moved him over, then went back to sleep... only to wake up shortly after to find Max plastered against him again. It must be all that bed rolling that got his muscles into shape. Max rolled over for the first time (while he was awake) last week.

Kurt is still working like a maniac. This case he's on has an insane amount of work involved. The HR person at BCG told Kurt that everyone who comes off a project specifically requests NOT to be staffed on this case because it's so time-intensive. Kurt and I and Madi (and Max, too, behind his veiled smiles) are all counting the days until it's over. The other day, Madi said to me, "Mommy, can I please have my daddy back?" So sad, but so true...

I am still starting on my thesis and have decided to take a class this semester. That reminds me- I better find a sitter for my meeting with my research advisor in the morning. Gotta go- will post more later.


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