Getting to Know Madi

I had to fill this out for Primary/Nursery and it turned out to be kind of a cross-section of what's been going on with her lately, so I thought I would post it.

All about: Madison Jolene Knight

Age: 2 ½

I have 1 brothers and 0 sisters

My favorite food is: actually, I’m not sure. She really loves everything. She especially LOVES vegetables and will often ask me for broccoli, carrots, zucchini, squash either for a snack or for a meal. She also really likes pizza and chocolate chip cookies.  She is a great eater and will about anything except cooked spinach, my chicken enchiladas, and boxed macaroni and cheese.

My favorite place to go is: the beach (even if the water is freezing), our basement (she’ll stay down there for an hour sometimes, building towers out of our food storage)

My favorite book: currently is Flat Stanley, but it frequently changes. She really likes The Rainbow Goblins, The Napping House, and any lift the flap/pop-up book

My favorite Primary song is: I am a Child of God or Follow the Prophet, not sure which one would win.

My favorite Scripture Story is: Ammon. She talks about him all the time. She really thinks he’s cool. A few months ago, we were playing outside and she suddenly looked like she remembered something, said “Ammon,” then ran to the door. When I asked her where she was going, she said she wanted to get some knives. When I asked her why she wanted the knives, she said, “So I can cut off people’s arms.” Great. [Sorry for the repeat story- those of you who read this when I posted it before]
She’s also kind of obsessed with the story of Joseph Smith’s hurt leg. She will tell me the story or ask me to tell her the story everyday. It’s kind of funny because Joseph Smith is now one of her imaginary friends. I often overhear her saying, “Oh, yeah, Joseph Smith [always the full name], is your leg ok now?” She also sometimes pretends that she is Joseph Smith. I heard her telling one of her friends the other day that her leg was hurt (because she was Joseph Smith at the time) and her friend was really concerned about it… kept asking Madi if her leg was ok.

She also really likes the story of Nephi and the "grass plates."

One of my favorite things to do is: pretend, pretend, pretend!! And she LOVES to dress up (to assist the pretend scenario of the moment). She has a pack of imaginary friends and will frequently sit in her bed in the morning “playing” with all her friends. I guess sometimes her imaginary friends leave b/c then she enlists Mommy, Max, or Daddy in her pretend activities. Her newest pretend scene is the couch- she makes it into a car and other people have to go driving with her (of course replete with “driving attire”- gloves, hats, scarves, etc…) She’s also really into letters right now and will try to “spell” things with her letter or number magnets. She also REALLY likes to watch “Little Einsteins” (not Baby Einsteins) on the Disney Channel. Today I came downstairs and heard her singing the Little Einsteins theme song and talking to the characters on the show. I found her in her dress ups, laying in Max’s bouncer seat behind the couch (her rocket). When I found her, she stopped singing, looked at me and said, “Can you leave, Mommy?” Yeah, toss me aside now, but when you want to go “driving,” suddenly I’ll be needed again. 

(The bowl in Kurt's hands is the steering wheel)

Daddy, Max, and Madi in the "car."

One thing my parents think is especially great about me is: Madi can entertain herself for hours. She is bright and vivacious. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is very compassionate. She’s super creative and so fun to hang out with. She often calls me her sister (I think she’s still figuring out all the different relationship names) and I kind of feel like that sometimes. She’s very mature and fun to be around. She is constantly making our whole family laugh. We just love her and can’t imagine life without her.


Nollie said…

You and your amazing vegetable-eating, self-entertaining kids. I need to send Ben to Madi's boot camp to teach him to play by himself. We're not having much luck with that right now. As Andy keeps saying, "He needs a sibling!" Well, it's not for lack of trying. :)
ty & megs said…
wow! not only does madi pretend she is riding in a car, but a car in europe for that matter! she IS advanced.

i loved reading these. what a great way to start my morning with a laugh!
S&F Seminario said…
These are so fun. Your kids are so great. I love the pictures of the driving. You can tell Kurt's really happy to have someone else driving for a change. And Max likes to be in the front seat. I think Madi is HILARIOUS. You are obviously good at this because you have really happy, great kids.
Cami said…
I love her imagination! Kids are so creative.

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