Five minutes in the life of Madi

I wrote this email to my mom a couple months ago. Kurt found it today as he was cleaning out his emailbox, so I thought I would post it b/c it made me laugh.

Five minutes of Madi’s life transcribed in “real-time” by her mom

(this is Madi talking to herself)
Mada, where are you?
I’m here, Nora.
Starts singing random song (made up?)… about a potty and a mailman
Hmm… (stands in front of the fireplace, listening to the sound it’s making) Can you turn it on, Mommy?
(is kind of scared, starts laughing when I turn it on)
Kneels down next to fire, picks up fat crayons, starts using them as “lipstick”
“Hey, witch! I found some more.”
(lays crayons out in a row on the carpet)
“Hey, witch, I will step with you. That’s Elmo’s world (sung).
One for you, one for me. Here you go, witch.
(wanders over to me)
“Here you go, witch.” (I am now the witch)
(wanders into the kitchen)
“I need help with the last one”
(wanders back into the family room)
(continues to line crayons up)
“Mommy, can you turn the fire on, please?” (I turned it off b/c it was making a funny sound)
“Let’s see what the fox is doing. What’s the baby fox doing?” (starts singing a made-up song)
Finds one of Max’s toys, starts tapping it on the fireplace.
“Let’s see what the fox is doing.”
Finds the computer cord.
“I think the fire is hungry.”
When she discovers that the cord won’t reach the fire to “feed” it, she uses it as a belt instead. Then, she plugs it back into the computer, then she steps back and forth over it for a while. Goes to get her babies.
“Here, baby June, stay with your Mommy. Here all of you guys (to all her dolls), you stay with your Mommy (piles dolls on my lap). Do you want a blanket? Here, here’s a blanket for you (as she tries to put a blanket over all her babies, then climbs up into the little space between my legs and the computer in between all her babies she’s just put in my lap). “Mommy, can I sit in your lap?”
Kurt distracts her because hey! I'm transcribing her life!
“Daddy, let’s have a picmic, Daddy.” (repeats until he acknowledges her)
“You want to have a picnic? Ok (says Kurt)”
“Ok, I will get an orange.”
Opens fridge, opens produce drawer.
“Nope, no oranges here.”
Opens other produce drawer.
“Nope, no oranges here.”
Kurt helps her find an orange.

I had to stop there because I was laughing so hard and I could hardly keep up. This is what she does when she's bored... she just wanders around trying to find something interesting enough to hold her attention. And if she can't, that's usually when she enlists Mom and Dad, which you can see happened about 4 minutes into this. :)

I love life with Madi.


Kat said…
Man that's too funny. She's so cute and she sounds so busy and talkative and fun. Love it! Makes me want to do it for my girls too.
Kristen Harmon said…
I truly never tire of your Madi stories - how do you handle her?! Share those as much as you want, they make my day!
ty & megs said…
i'm laughing too hard to think of anything else to say! i love that girl!
Jen said…
Glad to be back in Boston and I can hardly wait to see your cuties. Call when you get a chance, I've tired your cell a few times with no results.

Love that little Madi!
Brett and Lisa said…
That is so funny! You should transcribe her life more often and create a book of Madi-isms. She sounds like so much fun...and is so cute. Hope things are going well for you guys.
S&F Seminario said…
It is nice to be able to witness a genius Knight mind in the making and to realize, at the core of it all, is some measure of beautiful insanity. It makes those of us who have ONLY insanity to offer feel better about our future.
Lauren said…
I am glad you wrote this conversation down - it is adorable! She has a lot on her mind for a little two year old......
emily snyder said…
HELLO cutest family!! how are you guys?!?!

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