It's 2 a.m.

And it's completely silent. I do not want this to end, which is why I'm still awake. Plus, I just kind of don't want tomorrow to come. Tomorrow I'm losing a friend and a piano (hopefully, I'm not actually losing you, Meghan... but the piano was borrowed, so... yeah, I'm pretty much really losing that).

Life seems to move so quickly lately. Becca's already rolling herself close to power cords and digging her head into the ground while she shoots her bum up in the air: the pre-crawl pike. She flung her first bit of pureed zucchini last week, and she just wants to hang out with the big kids now.

Max is getting increasingly verbal. Up until a few weeks ago, most of his words were variations of "truck" and "mama." But I've realized that those word-like things he's been saying forever are probably sentences that I just didn't understand. Like this morning when I went to get him out of his car seat and he said something I'd heard him say a million times that suddenly sounded remarkably like "I want out." I was so shocked and excited, and of course, he was, too, when he realized I understood him and that what he had said was right.

Madi's vocab is growing steadily, too, as I've started to just experiment with teaching her a word of the week. It started out as kind of a joke... what 3 year old understands words like "modus operandi"? Wow. I had NO IDEA how well this would take. She REALLY understands. She's laughed at herself for being "redundant," told me she was "ambivalent" about her friend moving away (b/c she really likes him, but also really likes brownies, which is what they had at preschool because he was leaving), and drew a "symbol" of the deep, dark sea on one of her pictures at preschool (a large blue and green blobby oval). She's also starting talking a lot about killing the bad guys, like when they went on a field trip to the fire department and saw an ax. Madi concluded it was to kill the bad guys. What? I was a bit concerned until I heard her name one of her stuffed animals "Teancum" while talking about killing the bad guys. Then I realized all the violence was not a result of subliminal messages slipped into Beethoven during Little Einsteins, but rather a result of the war chapters in the Book of Mormon we are currently reading. And I thought she wasn't listening. Moral of this paragraph: never underestimate the Great Madisonian.

I have way too many funny stories to post tonight... like when Max threw Mr. Stinky out the window somewhere on I-74 in Indiana (may he rest in peace... this will have to be a separate post), or when Madi stuck a bike pump into Becca's mouth and started pumping (because "I just wanted her to be big, Mommy!!), or when Becca laughs hysterically because Max rides her like a horse.

Ok, maybe just one story. It is silent here, after all; I should enjoy it. While we were out and about yesterday, Madi used the pottette (a portable potty) but forgot to pull up her dress when she sat down. Very wet dress + no change of clothes = naked 3.5 year old in backseat. When we all wanted to stop to play at a playground (Becca was hungry and Max was onery), I didn't want Madi to get penalized for going potty when she needed to go, so I grabbed the jacket in the backseat and a baby blanket. I tied the blanket around her waist, then drew it up between her legs and tied it again around her waist in a toga/loincloth fashion. Oh, and she had on her red ruby slippers (anyone else have these from Target?). She was truly a sight to behold. And she was TOTALLY ok with it. I was laughing so hard while I was sitting on the bench nursing Becca that tears were coming to my eyes. I laughed even harder when she told the little (very confused) friend she met at the playground that her husband's name was "Pruno" and they had several kids: "Madagascar," "Stylish," "Mads," and "Madison." Oh my... the imaginary friends are morphing. They grow up so fast, don't they? One minute they're peeing their pants, the next (literally), they are getting married and naming their kids movie star kid names.

p.s. The loincloth stayed on for about 30 minutes, and when it fell off, Madi ran to me, threw the blanket in my bag, then went back to play... in her jacket, underpants (which had luckily been unsoiled in the pottette incident), and red slippers. What a kid.

And now it is 2:30am and I know that while the silence is amazingly seductive, if I don't go to bed right now, I will not be handling the lack of silence very well tomorrow. Love to you all in cyberspace. Hopefully, I will make some more posts very soon.


Just Us said…
I love it. You'll be glad you wrote those down in a few years.
Anonymous said…
We're glad you wrote it now. Shari & I are both crying from laughing. Thanks for sharing. -kk
Miriam said…
Oh I just love it. You guys are just so awesome. I can never get enough of those Knights!
ty and megs said…
no no no! you didn't lose me!! {although i am sorry about the piano.} i didn't want that tomorrow to come either. but i am looking forward to the tomorrow that brings you to cleveland! after all, i am "praying you here!" :)
ty and megs said…
p.s. i keep laughing about the bike pump to make becca bigger. so classic!!
Rebekah said…
Too funny. I can't stop laughing about your cute kids. And I love hearing about Max speaking in sentences now--it makes me want to listen more closely to Rachel's Pebbles-like babbling and see if I can decipher any coherent meaning yet. Your kids are fantastic, and I hope we get to see them again soon (and finally meet Miss Becca!!!).
Greg Giauque said…
YOu amaze me. I don't ever like to see 2 AM anymore--except for feeding Ella. I don't choose to be up at that hour. I loved laughing at your cute kids.

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