Madi strikes again

MADI (from upstairs, hearing me down in the kitchen): Mom, what are you making?
ME: Nothing.
MADI: Are you making chocolate chip nothing?
ME:: No.
MADI: Are you making peanut butter nothing?
ME: No, Madi.
MADI: Are you making pumpkin nothing?
ME (laughing): No, Madi.  I'm not making nothing.
MADI: Oh!  So you're making something?

I think she's training to be a lawyer.

On a different day, I heard her from the other room... "Six kenobi, seven kenobi, eight kenobi..." Then she pauses and says, "Mom, are there all those kenobis in Star Wars?"  (She derived this from the name Obi Wan "One" Kenobi... )


KS said…
oh my goodness, this made me laugh so hard! I miss her!

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