Madi's Update: Healing at Meteoric Speed

I'm sorry I did not post sooner.  This has been nothing short of a miraculous week.  Madi was in for surgery on Wednesday, transferred out of the ICU on Thursday and then discharged from the hospital on Saturday morning.  She is walking, talking, doing stairs, laughing, joking, and - of course- listening to Harry Potter for the third time (or fourth?).  She's also read the series and does not seem to tire of it.

Her right side is all normal, but right after surgery, it was a little uncoordinated.  I called it her robot arm and I would sometimes say, "go, go gadget leg!" before she got up.  I'm glad Madi laughs at my dumb jokes. :) The coordination has gotten progressively better day after day and now, there doesn't seem to be any kind of lag at all.  Right before discharge, her depth perception seemed to be muted on the right side, so they prescribed occupational therapy for her several times a week.  There's only one OT specializing in neuro problems, so this is proving to be challenging.  Thank heavens my in-laws are here so we can skip away to appointments at the drop of a hat.

We got everything we asked for and more for this surgery.  Our experience this time around has been so healing and soothing.  We had the most incredible view of the Charles River in Madi's hospital room and I spent hours as she rested watching all the boats skim around.  They have a healing garden on the 8th floor of the Yawkey Building, and it is just gorgeous.  We spent a lot of time over there during our stay.  On our last morning, Madi, Kurt, and I sat up there watching window washers on swings repelling down the side of the neighboring building washing windows.  It was strangely zen.

Anyway, we are enjoying having the old Madi back and her team feels like it is safe to wean her off of steroids now, so she is a much happier, well-rested little girl.

Our deep thanks to all of you for participating in this precious miracle!


Becca Pizzi said…
Amber said…
Tears of gratitude and love for your entire family. Angels were certainly there in every aspect of the hospital!

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