Madi's Christmas songs...

Some random stories... I couldn't leave the poopy story on there forever. (btw... you are right that Madi's diapers are unforgettable, but I think the frequent toilet talk on here is more because Madi's Mommy thinks it's funny and less because she talks a lot about it. :) It really is one of my New Year's Resolutions to be less crude on my blog. :) Anyway, here we go.

One of Madi's favorite Christmas songs is "The First Noel." These are her words: "Da Third No-ah-well, well the ainhell his words."

Today, we were listening to Christmas music on the radio while we were eating lunch.
ME: Madi! Listen! It's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by Bach.
MADI: No, it's by Beethoven.
ME: It is? Are you sure?
MADI: Yeah, it is.
ME: Oh

What would really make this story is if she had been right. Unfortunately, she wasn't, but I was pleased that she knew who Beethoven was. Thanks again, Little Einsteins!

Madi and Kurt were playing today on the couch. Madi said, "Dad, your belly's like a caterpillar." Hee, hee... sorry, Kurt. I had to- it was too funny.


ty & megs said…
hee hee. i think we will sing christmas carols together on tuesday.

seriously my friend. i feel like you died or something! we went from seeing each other almost every day for a while to nothin'. are you trying to tell me something here? maybe i should take the hint.
Katy said…
Hi Jenn! I found you through Cami's blog! You're little family is so adorable! I can't believe it's already been several years since I saw you in Indiana the last time (you were pregnant with your first!) So fun to see your blog! Merry Christmas!

I don't know how I found your blog but it's good to see your family is doing well. Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas.

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