We are the Knights who say "poopy"

Transcript (as close to verbatim as I can remember) of last night on the way to the ward Christmas party:
MADI: something, something, something (I couldn't understand this part) poopy.
ME: What? Your poopy?
MADI: Yeah, my poopy.
ME: What about your poopy?
MADI: Talk about it.
ME: Ok. (Kurt and I trying not to laugh out loud) What do you want me to say?
MADI: Poopy.
ME: Poopy.
MADI: Thank you.

At this point, Kurt and I are dying,laughing so hard we can't breathe.

MADI: Why you laughing about, Mommy and Daddy?
ME: Oh, Madi, you are just so funny. Such a funny girl.
MADI: You're welcome, Mommy.

I fell asleep last night still laughing.


ty & megs said…
oh madi. you and your poop obsession. it just makes me smile. and almost gag. sorry, but when i changed her diaper the other day--no wonder that girl talks about poop so much! it kinda leaves a lasting impression! :)
Cami said…
Hi Jenn! How are you doing?!? Your family is beautiful.
I love Madi's logic! Sounds like something Kate would say.

Do you mind if I put a link to your blog on my blog?
rachelcarmella said…
Hey Jenn ~

How are ya? It's been a long time... how's that thesis comin? Are you still taking classes or are you done?

I wanted to send you guys a christmas card - can you email me your address (rachelcarmella@gmail.com)?


ps. I linked you on my blog :)
Michael Smith said…
I am so glad that I found your blog through the Leiningers . . .through the de Guzmans. What a fun little world blogging is!

Hope all is well and that you were able to find a shirt for the party!

So much love,
Amy said…
Love it!! So funny.
Amy said…
I got on your blog the other day when my in-laws were here. I just had to read these entries about Madi and her "funnies." My in-laws laughed and laughed. We got a kick out of her. When we laughed Andrew laughed and then I thought how unfortunate it is that Andrew and I have never met Madi. Hopefully one day!
my family said…
Madi is hilarious! How could you not die laughing?!! I can only imagine what time will bring for us with Genevieve. (By the way, I like your Jennifeeve name.) Dave has been trying to teach her to laugh when she gasses; lately he's been successful. Last night, I told him that I had never seen a child get so excited about gassing; she laughed loudly and then began squealing as she bounced up and down with all her might. -Dave said he'd cool it with the encouragement from now on. - Anyway, I just had to tell you that I love all the classic humor on your blog and getting a brief update on you. And, umm, yeah .... (Just had to end it that way for memory's sake!) Love you! -Becca

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