Mad Max my wonderboy

Well, I am going to do this for Max, too, since we have basically no information about him on this blog.

All about: Maxwell Kurtis Knight

Age: 8 months (in 2 days)

I have 0 brothers and 1 sister

My favorite food is: Mommy's milk, but also squash, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, zucchini, mashed brown rice... He will eat broccoli and green beans ONLY if I mix them with one of the above things.

He taps his right arm on the tray three times after every bite he takes. Isn't that funny? He also whines like a puppy (only a lower octave) when he's really hungry, waiting in his chair for me to get his food.

My favorite place to go is: wherever people are. If we leave him alone in a room, he will whimper and yell until 1. someone comes back in, or 2. we bring him into wherever we are

My favorite book is: He likes That's not my Tractor, Gossie, and anything his mom and sister are reading. Although, sometimes he'd rather eat the book than listen to it.

My favorite Primary song is: Not sure, but he recognizes "I am a Child of God," so maybe that one. He also stops crying if I start singing the song, "Heavenly Father loves me."

My favorite Scripture Story is: I think at this point, he just likes watching Madi play Joseph Smith. :)

One of my favorite things to do is: Smile, laugh, and squeal. He is very extroverted. He often stares at people, waiting until they look at him. When they do, he goes nuts. He smiles, laughs, reaches for the person, etc... What a charmer.

He also loves to play with my hair while he's nursing. Surprisingly, he rarely tries to pull it. He just twirls it around his fingers and it actually feels really good!

He is also enjoying his new-found scooting freedom. He lays on his tummy, pushes up on his toes and kicks forward a little. He is *this* close to crawling and sometimes gets a little frustrated with not moving more. Of course, his crying could also be because Madi usually tries to "ride" him while he's trying to crawl. Actually, most of the time he likes it (laughs and smiles), but doesn't have patience when Madi tries to get him to giddyup or something similar.

One thing my parents think is especially great about me is: Max is so laid back and fun. It's hard to be in the same room with him without smiling, laughing, and relaxing. The other day we were in the car coming home from something??? after the kids' bedtimes. Madi was crying in her seat. Suddenly, we heard a giggle coming out of Max's carseat. Everyone stopped, then started laughing (including Madi) because Max was laughing at nothing. We still don't know what he was laughing about. We are so grateful to have his presence in our home! We love you, Max!!


S&F Seminario said…
He is so cute. Those pictures are GREAT.
Cami said…
Great pictures! Max is adorable. He and Kate must be quite opposite. Kate (my 4-yr. old) loved green beans as a baby. They were her favorite. They still are in fact. If you ask her what her favorite food is, she answers "green beans."
larawashington said…
Reading your blog feels like I'm reading about my boy having issues being alone, big sister riding baby brother, baby boy army crawling (I don't think mine is ever going to crawl on his hands and knees, he'll probably go straight to walking), big sister playing pretend (only at our house it is kitchen, she makes the most delicious pies). Your family is darling!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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mckenzie said…
Hey Jen and Kurt!
It's McKenzie (Maughan). Lovely family you have. Your little guy is doing all the same things mine is. It's fun to find you guys. I saw your comment on Sharon's blog. I always hear tidbits about your life from Sharon.
Mimi said…
Ok, I found your blog and it cracks me up. I don't know if it is just too late, just because I Rockwoods always make me laugh, or what. Love that you have a Max too - I'm sure you named him after mine - right? Hope all is well. Glad I can now be a voyeur in your life.
Anonymous said…
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larawashington said…
Skinny boy, huh? Does he crawl out of his pants? I really can't keep pants on Blake. I'm looking forward to this summer when I can put him in 3-6 month shorts and not have to worry about them being too short!
Amy & Greg said…
One day I hope to meet this cute little guy!

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