As we were listening to the Kindermusik CD on the way home from pre-school the other day, the "weird" song came on... for any of you who have this CD, it's the cat opera song. Madi used to hate it - I have to admit it is kind of strange- until Kurt told her one day that it was opera. Well, Madi knows Kurt loves opera and sometimes they pretend to go to the opera together (Madi and Kurt- really cute)... so now she loves the song. Her friend, Madeleine, was in the seat next to her when the song came on. Here's the conversation as best as I can remember:

Madeleine: "This is the weird song."
Madi: "This is opera. I like this song."
Madeleine: "I don't like it."
Madi: "When I grow up, I want to be a dog-walker and an opera singer."
Madeleine: "Oh."

For any who are wondering, these career aspirations are indeed lasting. I asked her today (this is 2 days later... like 2 years in 3 year old time) what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she gave the same answer. I thought that if she really does make it to the big time opera (read: The Met), I can't think of a more quintessential New Yorker thing to do: walk your dog during the day and pursue your illustrious operatic career at night.

I think if Max could talk, he would probably want to be a plumber. Anything toilet or dishwasher seduces him in a millisecond- like before the normal person has time to react, Max is there with his little hand swimming in the toilet bowl. Now he's standing on the toilet, either flushing it or reaching for the sink. Unfortunately, he's still too little to reach, so he usually ends up falling into the garbage can. Doesn't seem to phase him, though. He just climbs out and tries again. Well, maybe I'll nurture his natural instinct. It would be kind of nice to have a little handyman around here.... I'll get him a plunger for Christmas.


larawashington said…
Oh, Blake and Mad Max. Blake is a toilet man as well. Only now that he can climb, he uses it as a step stool to get up to the sink. Then he proceeds to get comfy in the sink so that he can turn on the water to soak himself. See what fun things you have to look forward to! How is your little 'bun'? Any name ideas yet?
The Egglestons said…
I just love reading your blog anytime I log on! You crack me up! - or, I guess, you kids do. But you portray their habits and actions so well. I love it! I love the opera singer and plumber aspirations. Keep it up! Love you! -Becca
Christensen Fam said…
We definitely skip that song every time it comes on :). I like opera, but not cat opera. Maybe I should play some real opera for the girls so they can be as culturally astute as Madi. Glad to have the heads up about Max and the toilet. I'll have to watch for that. You're super, Jenn!
(I'm a friend of Merediths and she tagged you, thats how I came upon your blog) anyway, I just had to say you have made me laugh this early morning...and my little son loves the toilet like yours, we often find him sitting in the sink with the water on and a comb and brush in his hand after he has thrown something in the toilet.

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