Source of Strength

ME: Madi, thanks for bringing in those groceries. You have really strong muscles.
MADI: Thanks. Heavenly Father and Jesus made them for me.

Sweet. Humility in the making :).


Mimi said…
Love your updates - someday I'm going to have to meet these kids of yours. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday - I just don't forget those September ones. Hope you had fun and were a little spoiled.
Elise said…
Too cute Jen!! So glad I found your family page!! You guys look great- and your kids sound darling!!! Of course-I wouldn't expect anything less from such great parents as you and Kurt. I look forward to seeing more of what y'all are up to! take care!!! p.s. I just moved to connecticut about 3 weeks ago...never thought I'd live on the east coast but I Love it!!

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