She graduated! We are out of the ICU!

Madi graduated from the ICU today, and now we are two floors higher in a quieter space.  She was able to eat a little, stand up (with help), use the bathroom, and really hasn't had much pain medication at all today.  The swelling in her eye is going down and she can now open it a tiny bit without using her fingers.  She is thrilled about this and keeps saying, "Mom, look!"  Every time, it takes me almost a full minute before I remember why she's having me stare at her :).  It seems like the old Madi is well on her way back and it's such a wonderful feeling.

I'm choosing to focus on this since we are awaiting the results of the MRI she got today.  Hopefully we will know more about this beast she is wrestling early next week.

She is humming as she's falling asleep.  She used to get in trouble in grade school for humming.  To me, it's the most beautiful sound in the world tonight.

Will post more as it comes...


emily snyder said…
have i mentioned how much i love you??? happy happy humming!!!
Noreen said…
What wonderful news! Keep humming Madi! We love you and we're praying for you and all the Knights.

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