A Boston Must-Do: Plum Island

It was a perfect day on the beach. Breezy, sunny, warm... good friends, sandy food, sandier kids... The undercurrent was a little strong (in a bad mommy moment for me, Madi got knocked off her feet by the waves), but the sand was beautiful, the birds picturesque, and the landscape pristine. We had a great day here today.
If you live in the area, you really should take a day trip up to Plum Island. It only costs $5 to get into the reserve and once you are there, you can hike or go to the beach or birdwatch or whatever. It's really worth the hour drive from the city.
Still no camera, so no cute shots of Max eating sand or Madi laughing insanely in the waves... but it will be coming soon! One of the day's highlights: We were standing in the surf, letting the waves roll through our legs. I held Madi's hand in my right hand (trying to keep her from getting sucked out to sea), I had Max on my left hip (trying to keep him secure as he was laughing and kicking hysterically watching Madi play in the water), and I felt the little baby-ette kicking in my tummy. She seemed to say, "I want to come out and play, too!" It was a great day... good thing, because I don't think I could have handled a day like yesterday again (it was a LONG day yesterday). :)


Jennie said…
How fun Jenn. I love those marathon days that are just so packed full of fun and memories. I always need a few days to do absolutely nothing afterwards, but I wouldn't trade them. Sound like you had a blast. Dave and I have been to SOooooo many places and forgotten our camera that I think we only remember 1/4 of the fun things we've done. You'll just have to think about the memories lots so you don't forget.
merathon said…
aren't we so grateful for days like these after days like THOSE? i hear ya!

love that new family pic, btw!
Lauren said…
We were never in Boston during the summer but I wish we had gone there it sounds like a lot of fun. I love the beach but it is a lot of work - especially getting everyone cleaned up afterwards.
S&F Seminario said…
I think you should be the mascot of motherhood, not that you remind me of a mutant animal of unproportional headliness, but that you always seem to get the most out of what motherhood has to offer you, including laughs and tears, frustration and especially inspiration. You are always a good source of inspiration for me.
Laura said…
So jealous! Wish i was there!

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