Oh, Max

This is the commonly heard refrain in our house. "Oh, Max." This kid is BUSY! He gets into... well, everything you can think a child of 13 months can get into. His favorite activity is climbing up the stairs as fast as he can (when I forget to put the gate up), then sprinting to the bathroom to play in the toilet. He is definitely like Kurt in that respect (playing in the toilet... just kidding...) Once Max knows what he wants to do, he is completely focused and single-minded until he accomplishes whatever he sets out to do. His bathroom is definitely his favorite exploratorium because he can play in water AND have access to "nana" (ie: food, aka: toothpaste). Plus, he usually finds bonus toys in the trashcan or under the sink.

It is almost like he has a list of the "top 10 things I shouldn't do" and those are automatically his favorite activities. He will go down the list faster than you can say "stinker" if he finds that one option is closed to him. If he goes upstairs and the bathroom door is closed (good job, Mom), he heads into our bedroom, where he camps out under the desk and plays with the cords. If our door is closed, he heads to Madi's room to play with her CD player/CD. If that's not an option, he will crawl around to his room and usually find something- a hair tie, diaper cream, bobby pin, whatever- that has fallen onto the floor under the changing table. He then stuffs it into his mouth and climbs up onto Mom's chair in his room. Luckily, once he's up there, he pulls a book into the chair with him and will sit quietly and read for a few minutes. Then, he tries to climb from the chair onto the table next to it. And if he makes it, he'll reach to the windows to play with the blinds. Phew. This kid wears me out!

But he's also the cutest thing in the world. He's now sprouted two teeth on the top, right above his two existing front bottom teeth, and when he smiles (which he does constantly), you just want to hug him. He has cast his spell on many a member of the ward, friend, neighbor, and complete stranger. He just is like a little light and everyone just wants to hold and snuggle him.

He took his first step a couple weeks ago, but has been completely content to just speed crawl on the floor (and this kid is FAST!). I think walking carries with is greater attack hazards from Madi (his survival instinct has been honed to perfection). He's in no hurry to grow up, that's for sure. He's completely enjoying every step and making sure that he knows how to do it before he really invests himself. Just the last couple of days, he has been taking longer series of steps without provocation. My guess is that he'll be hobbling around within the week.

He's still really little for his age (4th percentile), but eats like a horse. He eats adult-size portions- sometimes he eats more than me! And I'm pregnant! Not sure where all the food is going... I'm still hoping there's nothing wrong.

I just thought I would update on him since he's the one going through so many new developmental phases right now. I can hardly believe he's almost 14 months old. Kids really show you how fast time moves, don't they?

Update on Madi forthcoming.


ty and megs said…
i feel like i haven't seem max in ages! i need to see those new teeth of his.
Mimi said…
I think that's just how boys are. Yesterday Brett threw a framed picture down from our balcony and of course it shattered, he got up on a stool on the counter - grabbed a container of cookies and crumbled them all over the counter and floor, got ahold of some crackers and came into the study to visit me on the computer and then dumped the box all over the floor, unfolded some laundry, tornadoed Kenna's room, and I'm sure there is more - they are busy and make sure their moms are busy too!
Amy & Greg said…
As I read this it reminds me of the Max and Ruby books by Rosemary Wells. Max is this adorable bunny with an older sister, Ruby. Ruby teaches Max all that she knows and can be bossy. Max is unphased and explores the world around him with zest and determination. Your Max is the bunny, Max. So fun!!
MMDD said…

Em V has a link to your blog and I was happy to read an update on your life. Greg and I will be in Cambridge this weekend for an MIT reunion. I'm so glad you are loving it there.

much love,
Melinda DuBois Dibb

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