Let me introduce you to Mads, Madison, and Madi... our three favorite daughters

I like nicknames, I admit it. I have a million for Kurt, many for Max, and a plethora of them for Madi. The top 3 names I use with Madi are: Madi (duh :)), Mads, and Madison. Madi has taken these and integrated them into her little imaginary world so that they are no longer "her," per se, but different and distinct imaginary friends. She plays with Mads and Madison, fights with them, and plans future adventures with them. She even woke up in the dead of night one night while we were in Utah (and sleeping in the same room) and said, "Madi, is there enough room for us in there? (under her covers) Sure! Come on in!" then scooted over and lifted up her blanket. Yes, I was worried about this. Early schizophrenia warning signs? Blossoming multiple personality disorder? But my pediatrician assures me that it's normal 3 year old behavior, and that Madi likely just has a very vivid imagination. She also said that imaginary friends often are almost identical to the child (ie: if the kid has blond hair, so does the imaginary friend; if the kid likes to dance, so does the imaginary friend, etc... ). Fingers crossed.

Mads and Madison's most recent trouble was inflicted on Madi and I tonight as we camped out in the "treehouse" (ie: couch) and they locked us in (apparently there is a door on the treehouse). Then it snowed and they had to come shovel us out before we could get down. So, I guess they redeemed themselves with their good deed. I can't keep up with her sometimes.... especially when Mads and Madison trip me or something. :)

Madi has been saying really sweet things lately and really exploring her compassion. I told her once when she was having a hard time staying focused on dinner and eating her food that there were a lot of kids in China and Africa who didn't have any food. Wouldn't it be sad to waste all this food when so many people don't have any at all? Yes, I guilt tripped my 3 year old. It apparently really struck her, and she has since started asking about all the kids who don't have food in Cambridge. She suggested that we share our food with them, but then said, "no, we need to eat our food. We should buy them all food to eat." :) What do I expect when her father's life work is to eradicate world hunger?

She is also exploring this sensitivity with Max, although she still enjoys the daily mauling. She is shares her food with him, gives him toys to play with when he's upset, loves to make him laugh, and has learned how fun it is to play with him as a playmate, not a plaything :). I'm quite excited for this phase of their lives and count it as part of the miracle God is working in my life before the baby arrives. :) Maybe I won't have to pry her off of him for much longer!

There are so many great Madi stories that I have not recorded, unfortunately. I need to get on the ball again.

We really are going to buy a new camera soon.


ty and megs said…
oh madi (or should i say mads or madison)how i love you!

i love that girls imagination! have all versions madison taken over the little einsteins and super why imaginary friends?
Nollie said…
Madi stories are the best! I can't wait to be regaled with them in less than ten days!
Amy & Greg said…
I love the imagination. And your pediatrician is right. From the psychologist perspective--no multiple personalities for this little girl. She is so creative! I love it. I always like to meet kids with imaginary friends. It is so sweet.

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