Another Funny Madi Story...

We were at Wilson Farms, walking down the stairs to see the animals with Madi leading the way. Suddenly, she stops, looks back at me and says, "Are you following me?"
Yep, sure am, kid. You can't lose me that easily. :)

Funny as that was, it did not make me laugh as hard as a previous Thursday's events. We were driving home from Kindermusik a few weeks ago, Madi entertaining herself in her car seat. It was a beautiful day, so I had the windows down. Suddenly, I hear, "OH NO!! MY SHOES!!" I looked back and see Madi craning her head in order to locate the pink crocs she had just chucked out her window. I quickly pulled into a driveway, watched as a truck plowed over her shoe (with Madi shouting "Oh no! The truck, Mommy! MY SHOES!!"), ran into the middle of the street (Concord Ave- one of the busiest streets in Cambridge) and snatched the shoes right before another car tumbled over them again. I returned to triumphant calls of "You did it, Mommy! Thanks!" coming from the backseat.


Brett and Lisa said…
That is so funny - I am sure with Rockwood blood running through your kids' veins, they can't help but being hilarious!
merathon said…
why i am just now finding out that you have a blog? (and only because i saw you comment on cami's!)

of course, i had to go back to the beginning and read everything. i haven't seen madi since she was so little, so i love the stories! what a fun little girl!

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