Brian Williams, my new crush

I laughed SO hard at this! I watched Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago with Brian Williams hosting. I was belly laughing through the whole show. Kurt says he thinks it's because I have a crush on Brian Williams, because he didn't think it was as funny as I did. Maybe he's right. In any case, I'm posting two of my favorite skits. I can't figure out how to put the actual video on here, so I'll just put the two links:

Kurt says, "Are you sure you really want those on your blog?" He's just jealous b/c I put a video up of Brian Williams before I put up a video of him. Sorry, Kurty! Maybe you should do a video of you as James Bond- I would TOTALLY post it on here. :)


merathon said…
i laughed so hard during the entire thing a couple weeks ago too. . . and i don't even have a brian williams crush! (at least i don't THINK i do!) i just thought it was hilarious to actually see him do something other than read the news. i loved the sketches where he had an accent!
Jenn! That is so funny! I had no idea he was so funny!
Oh! Yes! This is Lisa Vogel by the way!

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