A REAL Ghost Story

The weekend before Halloween, Kurt and I decided to go to Salem for a date. We took a candle light tour, which we've both always wanted to do.

The guide took us on a tour of all the haunted places in downtown Salem. It was really interesting. Here's a shot of the graveyard where a ton of people swear they see and hear ghosts all the time. The guide told us to take a picture b/c people see ghosts on their film all the time. I was like, "Yeah right," but I took the picture anyway.

This next shot is what has now been infamously dubbed, "THE PICTURE" by Kurt and I. The picture is of a restaurant that was built on top of what used to be Bridget Bishop's orchard (she was one of the first people killed in the witch trials). The guide told us that this site is notoriously active in supernatural events. She said just recently, the Discovery Channel tried to film something for one of their programs (one on haunted houses or something), but they had tons of technical difficulties. Yeah, yeah, whatever, lady! That's what I said until I took this:

I thought at first that it was rain or something, but it wasn't raining. I quickly took another picture which turned out like this.

I showed the guide and she told me it was ectoplasm. I had captured a ghost on film! Me, the unbeliever! Say what you will, but I think it was Bridget Bishop trying to tell me to stop taking pictures of her property! :) Isn't it crazy? I have been talking about THE PICTURE ever since I took it. I think I might try to sell it. :)


Katie said…
that picture is a little disconcerting, huh? She didn't follow you home, did she? !! I really love this whole blog thing..it's great. I'm gonna be checking it more often! ALso, I didn't mention this in any of my earlier posts, but I'm really glad you're alive as well. That is so scary about the carbon monoxide thing....wow! I am so glad you had detectors and so glad you called when you heard them both buzz. Is it fixed now? Like did the guy fix the leak? Can you use that pot anymore? Anyway, I'm glad you're still here and alive!!!
Poephyte said…
That's not a ghost. It's a hair that was really close to the lens. If I had my laptop, I could make you feel foolish by replicating the picture.
ty & megs said…
do do do do--do do do do--do do do do! (as in the theme from the twilight zone) freak-y! do you think the ghost had something to do with your carbon monoxide leak? maybe she liked you and wants you to join her. beward of further atempts on your life.
you have that seatbelt slasher right? do you think ghosts have the power tioo mess with bridge foundations?
(hee hee! and thanks for the "loveMORElesses". i'm feeling the love.)
Jenn Knight said…
Dave- I dare you to replicate the picture. BTW, your answer sounded surprisingly Dwight Shrute-esque. :)
Meghan, yeah... I thought the same thing about a ghost making the bridge collapse :)
Katie-thanks for all your nice words. I know it's just cause you are happy that I posted your picture on here.
Melanie said…
that's CRAZY! we've been to salem during non-halloween times of the year, and it just has this really peculiar small-town made commercial feel. i had no idea that it is on halloween that it really comes alive! creepy.

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