Halloweenie in Bostoneeny

My sister started calling this holiday Halloweenie and I cannot for the life of me get that name out of my head. So, I guess for the time being, I will just stop fighting. :) This was our FHE activity the Monday before Halloween- pumpkin carving. You can see how interested Madi was in the goop and seeds. She loved helping to carve the pumpkin, though, and had even more fun putting the candle inside and watching it glow in the dark.

Here's Kurt on one of the rare Monday nights where he's here and not in New York. Madi is probably talking about the cool candle inside the pumpkin. She was so excited, she couldn't sit down for long.

Here we are, looking at the candle inside the pumpkin... again. Max is just along for the ride. He had fun watching us. I think he's more interested in the camera than the pumpkin.
Yea! We're all looking at the camera!

Here's the actual Halloween night picture. My kids were goldfish and I was fish food (see the sign behind them). Halloween night was kind of a fiasco. About a half hour before we were going to go trick-or-treating, the carbon monoxide detector went off. At first, I thought it was just the batteries dying, but when the upstairs monitor started going off, too, I thought I better call. Apparently, our stove has been producing carbon monoxide since we moved in, but in small amounts. For some reason, the stock pot I used on the stove this night reacted funny with the flame and started producing lethal amounts of carbon monoxide. The guy told me that if I had had 15 minutes exposure to it (next to the stove), I would have died. Considering, I had had 10 minutes of exposure to it, I feel pretty lucky to be alive right now. Needless to say, Halloween ended up being one crazy night. Thank goodness for my neighbors, the Tofts, who took my kids and fed Madi while we were getting the house aired out. Then, they went the extra mile and helped me take the kids trick or treating afterwards. I am so lucky to have such fabulous neighbors.


ty & megs said…
yikes! thanks goodness you have the detectors!

and i so love that you were "fish food." gotta love working breastfeeding into the costume. :)
merathon said…
does this mean you are still nursing madi too?? just wondering! :)
Katie said…
how do you come up with these? And you don't even have BFA!!! Those costumes are adorable and the kids....oh my goodness. I love how Madi is just eating a sucker, not caring a bit about the picture...and fish food?! oh my gosh...wonderful!
Katie said…
also...I love that you are now using Halloweenie. That's how I was...it came out of nowhere and then I couldn't stop thinking or calling it that.. :)
Nollie said…

Love the pictures. Madi's long hair is so cute and Max is a doll. I can't decide who he looks like anymore. You look great, too.

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