Boston, meet the Crocketts

Have you ever been around someone who just uplifts and energizes you every time you interact with them? If not, you should meet the Crocketts. They are pure gold. I met Julie Kaye years ago when we worked EFY together. We were instant friends. She also cuts my hair- STILL after six years (she lives in Utah and I live in Boston... it's a long distance relationship). I have yet to get a haircut that I don't like from JKC. I got to get to know her sister, Shawna, and her mom, Sydnee when they stopped to see me on their Boston tour. I LOVE THIS FAMILY!! Here's a few snapshots from our exploits.

DAY 1: Cambridge

Finishing a delicious breakfast at Z-Square, one of my favorite breakfast stops in Harvard Square.

At the Harvard Square T-stop. Unfortunately, you can't see Madi's french braid, compliments of Julie Kaye. She totally won Madi's heart with that, and Madi couldn't stop talking about Julie Kaye and her family for the rest of the week.

Echo Arch at Sever Hall, Harvard Yard. If you whisper into the arch on one side, the person on the other side of the arch can hear you, but not the person next to you.
I can't believe this is the only picture I took on our Harvard Yard tour. Sigh.

DAY 2: Boston

I didn't realize when the day started that I would be able to meet the Crocketts downtown. Julie Kaye called to let me know where they were going, and I just HAD to go. Who can pass up Boston in nice weather? When I turned around after hanging up the phone, I realized what Madi had been doing while I was occupied. Cheese piles. She was burying her feet in the "sand" (ie: shredded cheese). We were slightly delayed getting out the door. And yes. Cheese leaves grease marks on hardwood floors.

I love this picture. This is Julie Kaye's mom, Sydnee. Madi LOVED her!

The trashcan says "Butts here." When they saw it, they all started laughing simultaneously and they didn't even need to explain to each other- they just posed. :) I had to snap a shot of this in action. Too funny.

At the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston. We sampled amazing Boston Creme Pie and the REAL Parker House Rolls. Yum.
Max fell asleep on our way back to the car, so I took Madi to play at the playground in Boston Common for a few minutes before heading home.

I'm so artistic. Look at this amazing photography. :) j/k Jen Smith, close your eyes.

Julie Kaye playing with Max. He was a good sport, even though he missed his morning nap.

Street performers in front of Fanuil Hall. Pretty cool dancing, I must say.

We miss you, Crocketts!


ty & megs said…
cheese sand. that is so classic madi! and i'm still laughing about the "butts." next time the crocketts come into town can i come play too?
mckenzie said…
Seriously who doesn't love the Crocketts?!!!!
Cami said…
***It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all. It's a small, small world!***

So, I used to work with Shawna at Convergys (telemarketing for American Express). Even though the job bit the big one, Shawna was always there making us laugh.
Mimi said…
I like the reference to Jen - I think your pictures are wonderful. Congrats on finishing finals.
Julie Kaye said…
Have you ever been around anyone who you swear walks on water in their free time, and so you feel just lucky and blessed to be around them for a moment....that's how we feel about the Knights!!! Too bad we only got to be with 3/4 of them! Sorry Kurt.....we still love you!!! Thanks for the fun post :) it was fun to see myself on your blog when I was coming to stalk you :)
The Crockett's
The Egglestons said…
Looks like a family I would love! Glad you had a fun visit. And, yes, my photos aren't quite as cool as Jen's, either. I could use some lessons.

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