The girlification of Max... and his dad :)

I don't know why Madi and I get so much joy out of doing stuff like this, but apparently we do it a lot. This was our project one Saturday afternoon as Max and his dad were watching the Kentucky Derby. Madi was laughing so hard and was so excited when I suggested it (yes, I suggested it). I guess I do cave in to peer pressure... uh, daughter pressure?

Max thought it was funny that we were laughing so hard. He won't be laughing in twenty years. :) I mean, look at his dad.

I begged Kurt to let me do it so I could take a picture. He unwillingly caved, but you can see how enthused he was about having me put a ponytail on him and his son.... and subsequently publish it on the bloggosphere.
This is a separate occurrence. Madi takes all the blame for this one.

Max sometimes crawls one leg out of his pajamas, which makes it look like he has only one leg. This specific morning, with the hat on, and the positioning of the "empty leg," it made him look like a cheerleader doing full splits.

I suppose this will continue. I mean, I'm still laughing looking at the pictures, so I apparently like girlifying him. Poor Max.


Sarah Smith said…

I am dying laughing after looking at the picture of Max doing the splits....that is absolutely hilarious! My mom and my sisters put Jack in a dress when he was about 5 months and I laughed for a second and then realized it was a little freaky! Madi and Max are too cute. How are you guys doing?
ty & megs said…
1) i can't believe kurt let you post that picture of him. i am full expecting that post to be magically erased next time i check your blog.
2) i'm still laughing at the "splits" picture. i think that goes on the all time best photos list.
merathon said…
we had five girls in my family before my mom finally had a boy-- and what is the first thing we wanted to do? dress him up like a girl, of course! you'd think we would just be excited to finally have a boy and LET him be a boy, but NO!
Emily Leininger said…
I love the look on Kurt's face! Precious. Hope you feel better soon. The jammies full of forks is priceless.
Katie said…
keep it up and max could be the next looney :

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