In the Dog House

So, one day Madi was playing and asked me to make her a dog house. So I gave her this:

She apparently asked Kurt the same question, because I came in a while later, and she had this:

We can obviously see which dog house won the Madi award, considering his Cheerios box-duct-taped-personalized-"Gilbert"-dog house is sitting triumphantly atop my laundry basket dog house.

I just love this story because it is a great reflection of how Kurt and I see the world. Me, very abstract. Kurt, very concrete. Which will our kids be? Confused? :)


ty & megs said…
i appreciate that kurt's dog house out shined yours. now you know how i feel every time ty makes something amazing. i still remember when we were nursery leaders and we'd play play dough with the kids. nobody wanted me to help them make "snakes" and "pancakes" they all wanted ty to help them because he made monkeys.
show off.
mckenzie said…
you two are a perfect pair! maybe they'll come out with perfect perspectives.

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