It's sad to me that those "catch-up" posts are the only pictures I took in the last two months. I really need to capture all these great moments that seem to just melt through my brain when I try to remember them.

Madi and Max are growing up so quickly it astounds me. They literally seem a little more grown-up everyday. Kurt made me a beautiful photo montage put to music for Mother's Day (I'm trying to figure out how to post it- it's just great). I cried when I saw the first picture of Madi in my arms in the delivery room. I can't believe that my kids are growing up so fast! I just never realized how much activity happens inside of a person- especially a kid- in one day. I am really in awe of this every day.

Madi still has a posse of imaginary friends and loves to pretend. She still loves reading and playing on the playground and hugging Max (really hard!). She's also still really funny. I have a ton of Madi stories, but cannot recall a single one at the moment. I will conference with Kurt and try to post what we can remember. Madi's like a little light that just runs around, greeting everyone she meets with a smile and a "Hi. My name's Madi." She's still very brave and strong-willed, and creative, and just fun to be around. My favorite Madi-ism is when she says, "Mommy, you're my best friend." Ah, so nice. I think I'll record it and play it back to her when she's a teenager.

Max is crawling all over the place and just started pulling himself up on furniture a couple weeks ago. He is EXTREMELY curious and gets into everything he can get his hands on. This includes... everything, but especially anything Madi is using. He loves doing almost anything with Madi, but does not enjoy her "full-body press." He has learned pre-emptive crying usually helps get attention a lot faster than waiting until she actually attacks. Max is also eating anything and everything in sight. It is as if the last 10 months of hunger finally caught up. He's put on several pounds in the last month and I'm hoping he'll break the 10th percentile at his next appt. He especially likes crawling around the table, trying to find scraps of food to eat. He also loves to laugh and will sometimes laugh (with provocation) for like 5+ minutes at a time. Maybe he's burning too many calories laughing and that's why he's so thin.

Kurt has not traveled in the last 6 months! And we just found out that his newest case will be based in Boston! I'm so in love with the VP and manager on this case b/c they are SO family-friendly (this is the second case Kurt has had with them). We're excited about the upcoming BCG family weekend at Cape Cod and are looking forward to spending another year and a half or more at the company.

I just finished finals on Friday, and am now gearing up to start my thesis. I've been saying I'm going to start my thesis for over a year now, but this time it is real. I'm done with classes and have no other excuse to put it off, and have every reason to get it done NOW.

Kurt and I have also been working a lot with our church callings, all of which have been very challenging and very rewarding... as usual, right?

I think that's probably more than enough catch-up. I'm done. Hopefully, I can stay on top of things more in the upcoming months.


Lauren said…
Sounds like you guys are doing great - a family friendly boss is such a bonus. Dale's boss keeps telling us to have more kids - which is unheard of in Manhattan!

I can't believe how big your kids are - wish we had been in Boston to them them passed the mothers nursing room days!

The dog house post is hilarious - I think it is also a difference of mom having to make imaginary things ALL THE TIME. If I was only with the kids an hour or two (and I didn't have to clean up the messes we made) I think the quality of our time together would be much more elaborate and fun.
Nollie said…
I am so glad that Kurt will get to be home more - total bonus for you and the kids! I also loved the dog house post and agree with Lauren - whatever makes the least mess is best. :)

Ben and Madi need to be reunited! Ben is currently obsessed with pretending about monsters and kittens (often in the same minute). He also loves playing pirates on our neighbor's playset and says "Me hearties." I don't know where he got this, but it's very funny.
S&F Seminario said…
I love the update. It just shows how good you are at making things seem doable and calm when really you guys are so busy! We wish we could have come to Boston, too. We tried to think how we could fit it but we had specific scheduling with the white house tours in DC. We must come to Boston. How I envy the Crocketts.
I read about your slide show from Kurt and saw Gilbert's dog house and thought about how Fernando made Kurt a power point presentation for a Christmas gift once. What a great guy. You two make one A-MA-ZING couple. We're glad to know you.
S&F Seminario said…
I meant Kurt is a great guy, not Fernando, although he is also a great guy. Unclear non-pronoun reference by an English major. My apologies Harvards.
Katy said…
I understand your sentiments about your kids growing so quickly! We just celebrated Jackson's first birthday and it has really affected me as I am not ready to let go of the baby stage! It really took me back to when I had each of my babies and now I look at them and they are so big! Why do they have to grow so fast?
larawashington said…
Thanks for your comments. It is relieving to know that my children are not the only ones that are so incredibly gifted and imaginative.

I know that your time out here will probably be jam-packed with family activities. However, I would be willing to meet you wherever it would be easiest for you. We can just have o to a park, have peanutbutter sandwiches, watch Sara and Madi try to out do eachother and catch-up. Let me know as it gets closer.

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