Attack of the Cutlery

So one of Madi's favorite things to do is play with the plastic kid cutlery we (apparently) have in a kid-accessible place. One of Madi's other favorite things to do is play with Max (or harrass him, as the case may be... it's a fine line, you know). I came in to the kitchen one morning after only leaving for about five minutes only to find this:

I thought, "Hmm, Max is looking kind of...lumpy. What is that in his pajamas?" I unbuttoned them only to find this:

Madi had shoved every plastic fork, spoon, and knife she could find into Max's pajamas. she apparently started with his back, but then ran out of room, so she also put them down his front and up his sleeves:
At least she had the courtesy to let some of them hang out far enough for him to play with, which is what he was doing while waiting for Mommy to come rescue him. :)

I laugh every time I look at these pictures. It's a mixture of Madi's creativity and Max's mild temperament. I can't wait to see how they play together when Max can walk and talk. Watch out, Madi!!


This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Your kids are adorable. Congratulations on # 3. Thats awesome :)
ty & megs said…
utensils in his jammies? seroulsly, i love madi. and max just sits there chillin' while his sister loads him up. i can't wait to see what madi does to all 5 babies in your belly.
Mimi said…
Hilarious! Is there some kind of funny/creative gene that gets passed down in your family - cause Madi has it. And Max is so chill - I don't think I have one of those.
Amy & Greg said…
I have to say that truly Madi is yours and Max is Kurt's. As I read this post I just thought, "Hmmm, this sounds just like something Jenn would do to a little brother." LOVE IT!!

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