Broken Camera

So, the camera broke on Memorial Day weekend (have you noticed that all the pix are from that weekend?). It's under a year old, BUT I threw out the receipt a long time ago. Dumb, I know. So I can either spend who knows how much sending it in to get repaired (estimate at $100-$200) or I can just get a new one.

I'm leaning toward just getting a new one.

Can you guys send me recommendations? I'm looking to upgrade to nicer quality pictures... something I could use if I wanted to dabble in photography. Can anyone give suggestions of good cameras?

Thanks, all.

Don't worry, I still have catch-up posts from before "the accident," so there will be more coming soon. I'm sure that was the first concern that came to mind when you read this post. :)


Andrea Holley said…
A Cannon Rebel is always a nice (and expensive) choice if you're looking to upgrade! I have one that takes film and really want the digital version now but I'll probably have to wait a while. They take beautiful pictures! If you want to talk to an expert ask Joel Williams or Ryan Buttars.
larawashington said…
I love my Nikon D40! The only setback is that it is a little large to lug around. But it takes great pics. We've had ours a little over a year, and I'm just starting to read the manual to figure out how to use all of the fancy settings.
Cami said…
We have a Canon Power Shot SD400. (I really, REALLY want a Rebel, though!) But I love my power shot. It's so small (we use a cell phone thing you clip to your belt) as a camera case. It's so easy to slip in my purse or the diaper bag.

We've had it for several years now, and have been really happy with it.
Lauren said…
I love the Nikon D40 and D50. I think the one we have is the D50 which is the ultimate 'soccer mom' camera because it takes top quality pictures and with very simple settings. The only drawback is that you can't buy extra attachment lens' if you want super close shots (the D40 has those). However, I would never realistically use that attachment - the camera takes amazing close ups as is and with my mac and photoshop you can get a lot of zooming in as long as the picture is sharp.

I don't mind lugging it around - we have a nice portable camera but the quality is soo much better with the big one - you become much pickier!!
Emily Leininger said…
I've heard good things about the Cannon Rebel. we have a power shot and it's worked for us- nothing fancy.

I love your idea for taking turns having days. Maybe we'll start tomorrow for father's day. I'll let you know how it goes. On consideration, I probably better get a sitter for my day. It's kind of impossible to do anything without the kids taking front and center.

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