The Day of Everyone

I noticed in my Go City Kids Newsletter that Arthur was coming to the Children's Museum on Saturday for his birthday party. I knew Madi would love it, especially since she had been begging to go everyday since the day of the Madi. Kurt was out of town (this was Memorial Day weekend), so he missed all the fun, but here are some highlights:

Madi and Max "posing" in the backhoe in the construction room. They loved this thing.

Madi LOVED this little climbing structure. There was a sign that said it was recommended for kids over 5, but Madi climbed all the way up, went across the bridge and came down before I really saw it. She was climbing it like a champ, so I figured it was fine (despite a mother next to me trying to communicate to me via her kid that it was supposed to be JUST for kids over 5- Come on, lady! What do you think "recommended" means?) She was SO excited that she could do it all by herself. I think she spent at least 30 minutes doing this, and it wasn't that big. Max loved watching Madi. She would poke her fingers through holes on the way down, then look at Max through a little space in the plastic. He laughed and thought it was pretty fun.

The "3 Little Pigs" Play, which the kids also loved.

Playing in the kids' room. Max was in heaven- a table that was his height!

The moment of fruition: meeting Arthur. Madi was kind of scared, I think b/c after she gave him a high five, she came running back and immediately got in the stroller.

They were pooped after we left; both kids fell asleep in the car. Yes, that's a popsicle stick sticking out of Madi's mouth. I caved and bought one at the museum to share.


Lauren said…
Cute series of posts!! The Children's Museum in Boston is great.

Maddie seems like she is already a pretty good little negotiator! I love the idea of drawing two activities on a card and throwing one away. That's pretty brilliant.

BTW - you need to redeem the day of the mama - I have never checked out and gone to a spa but I do get babysitters and recruit girlfriends at least once a month!!
Robyn said…
I Love the popsicle stick drooping out!
Katie said…
just for the record, i'd be scared of arthur too. i mean really...couldn't they come up with a more friendly-looking costume?

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