The Day of the Mama

So a few weeks ago, I was really just kind of tired of being immersed in kids' stuff day after day. I was tired of taking orders from a 2 1/2 year old, and I kind of felt like a non-person... like my whole existence was to satisfy the needs of those around me. I know that a day on my own or a day at the spa or a trip to the middle of nowhere with a private suite and some books and NO sounds of children would have done the trick. Unfortunately, none of those things were an option to me at this point in time.

So I declared "The Day of the Mama."

I told Madi (and Max, but he's just along for the ride right now anyway) that the day was MY day and that I got to decide what we did, where we went, what we listened to in the car, what we ate, etc... you get the point. It felt great, I must admit. Everything was going to be about ME! :) To assuage my guilt at taking a whole day to do what I wanted, I told Madi that the next day would be her day, and the day after would be Max's day. So although she was initially pretty put off by listening to talk radio, and having to do whatever Mommy wanted her to do when Mommy wanted her to do it (isn't she supposed to be doing this all the time anyway???), as soon as she realized that she would have the power the day after, she was all for it.

Unfortunately, my empowering moments in the beginning of the day quickly faded as the day wore on. I had great plans of going to a few stores to find a couple shirts to accomodate my expanding belly, since I was not ready to start wearing maternity clothes yet (I'm totally over that now :)). The first 30 minutes was great. Madi loved coming in the dressing room and telling me what looked good and what didn't. But... then after that, I was tired of dealing with two kids in retail stores, so I gave up. We went and played on the toys in the middle of the mall instead for the rest of the morning. I did end up buying shirts... for Madi, Max, and Kurt, but not me. And because of our long morning at the mall, both kids fell asleep on the car ride home and neither of them took naps. Sigh.

So much for the day of the mama.


ty & megs said…
i love this idea! i'm trying to have 15 mins for mama right now, so i can check my email and blogs, but mckinlay keeps coming in here asking for "mama". so far she has come in with a lighter and some chap stick. did i mention daddy is home "watching" her?
peter said…
Oh Jenn, I was laughing so hard. Even though it was your day, it ended up being easier to do the things the kids liked because it's so much easier! I think you were brave to try it. And I agree, since when are two year olds supposed to have opinions about what plays on the car radio?

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