Father's Day

This post is ultimately to wish Kurt and Dad and Ken a Happy Father's Day. These men have influenced my life so profoundly, that it almost seems trite to try and celebrate it all in one day. My dad was a strong spiritual leader in my life. He helped me craft my testimony of the divine, taught me how to gain a connection with God, and together with my mom helped me learn how to drink deeply from the scriptures. Ken (Kurt's dad) has helped me appreciate all the simple things in life that I often overlook. He is frugal and smart, loves to talk with me about all things deep and philosophical (we are kindred spirits in that respect), and has taught me the importance of just appreciating life.

And then there's Kurt. I married him because I had never met anyone else quite as astounding. He is brilliant, practical, kind, loving, faithful, service-minded, efficient, and happy. I had never met anyone who can accomplish as much as he does in the amount of time he has. (Case in point: yesterday. Brief synopsis: got up, took Madi to beach to give me some down time while Max napped. Came home, filled kiddie pool in the yard and played with both kids while I got lunch ready. Helped get kids ready for naps. Went to the temple. Came home, mowed the lawn, cleaned the kitchen, crawled under the basement stairs to clean up some rice milk that burst open from food storage, did 2 loads of laundry, and was relaxing on the couch watching golf when the kids and I got home from the store.) And I do not underestimate when I say he is the most gifted organizer I have ever met. He is constant and unwavering in his devotion to me and the kids. I LOVE that we are almost total opposites in every respect because I find myself becoming more of the person I've always wanted to be because of his influence in my life. What a guy!

Ok, enough sap.

Now I wax philosophical for a moment. The speaker today in church said, "We can't talk about fathers without talking about mothers" then spoke briefly about mothers' importance. It got me thinking (again- this is a frequent topic of thought for me); why is it that on Father's Day, mother/father is the natural pairing, but on Mother's Day, her natural counterpart becomes "the Priesthood"? This just does not make sense to me. I really wish we could appreciate fatherhood the same way we appreciate motherhood in the Church. While it is connected to the Priesthood, it is not the Priesthood. We could really enrich our understanding of parenthood were we to give both equal attention. Likewise, imagine how lessons would change if we spoke of women's potential as Priestesses as a counterpart to the men's Priesthood instead of focusing so narrowly on motherhood, an opportunity that so few women experience right now. Imagine how many more women would feel valued and included in the Church!

And now I step down from my soap box and end by saying, "Happy Father's Day!"


laura said…
I feel the same way about father's day/mother's day.
Mimi said…
I love that you can have deep thoughts admist the craziness of motherhood - often I think my head is drained. But I've never noticed how they always link fathers w/mothers - our speakers just kept it on fathers. And just so you know I am on the same page as you in just focusing on fathers for the day - when I spoke once on Father's day - it was all about great Dads!

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