The Day of the Madi

After my somewhat disappointing day, we moved on to the Day of the Madi. This is how the day started out:

Madi really wanted to paint my fingernails. Since it was the day of the Madi, I put my reservations aside and let her have at it. She did a pretty good job, I must say. Although I removed most of the polish on my skin, I left the polish on my fingers as a memorial to Madi. :)
The original plan was to go to the Children's Museum, but when Madeleine and Gretchen wanted to go with us to the playground, Madi's original plan faded and she quickly decided to go with them instead. I was worried that she didn't quite understand that she was giving up the museum to go to the playground. So I drew pictures of the two activities on little index cards and told her she got to keep one of the cards and had to throw the other card away. The card she kept is what we would do. I knew she got it after she threw the card into the garbage then started suggesting that we go to the museum on Max's day. :)
We had lots of fun at the playground and lots of fun for the rest of the day. It wasn't so different from a normal day, but it was still fun. I don't really remember what we did b/c it's been too long and I didn't write anything down. I'll be quicker next time.


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