The Day of the Max

What would an 11 month old appreciate the most?

A nice LONG morning nap to compensate for Mom and Madi's days and a nice long bath. So that's what we did. And I think we went to the playground in the afternoon. He was very happy.

Again, normal day, but still fun. Madi was quite disappointed about him not choosing to go to the Children's Museum. She tried several times to convince me that that would be his destination of choice by talking as if she were him. This is her new thing. If she's talking in a high-pitched voice (and sometimes waving Max's arm while he's "talking"), I know she is speaking as the Max. '


peter said…
My Gosh, Jenn, Madi sounds so much like Katelyn. I am cracking up while reading your posts. The day of the Max sounds like one of those low key days that can be life savers. You're my hero.

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