So... Define 'short'

I just realized how complicated it must be to learn English. I just told Madi that Max was too short to break the lamp, that her dress was too short to wear without pants, and that it would be a short wait for something.

She kind of looked at me trying to process it all. Then repeated all the sentences I'd used 'short' in, but they were all mixed up. Oops. I guess that was confusing.

As I was thinking about how to clarify, she took the roll of toilet paper I'd brought in here as tissues (we're really high class here) and snuck out the door with a grin. I said, "what are you doing with that, Madi?" She said, "I'm making hallinks." Yeah, not sure what that is.

Several minutes later...

Madi singing: "Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mama's going to buy you a taxi driver brain."


achirolla said…
Man, I wish we lived closer! Whenever I need to feel better, I just read your posts and laugh my head off.

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