Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another Philosophical Question...

If they made jelly that was peanut butter-flavored, would you buy it?


Since I seem to be having such a hard time getting recent photos up on my posts, I will put a few on here from our fun Labor Day excursion to Crane Beach. We went with all the "dentals" (ie: dental student in our ward). Who knew dentistry could be so fun!! They are definitely a happenin crowd around these parts.

Kurt buried Madi in the sand. I think he was going to try to bury all of her, but she was a little too impatient and isn't a huge fan of having sand close to her mouth (see previous blog entry).

This picture doesn't do it justice. There were literally hundreds of people on the beach that day. It was so crowded. Luckily, we got there early enough that we got a good, large spot close to the surf.

Kurty and Max, the sole bearers of the Knight testosterone (the Boston Knights, that is...not trying to demean the Utah Knights' masculinity). Looks like Kurt is saluting, doesn't it? Aye, Salute to you as well, Cap'n!

Madi and I building a sand castle. Thanks for snapping a picture, Kurt. Now our posterity will see that I do actually exist (I'm not very good at taking pictures of me or with me in them).

The kiddies crowding around a bucket with a hermit crab in it. Thanks to Brianne's mother-in-law for doing the catching. Poor McKinley. Someday you'll be able to fight your way in. For now, I guess you'll have to be content to look at Marcus' shorts.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My night last night....

6:30-7:30 pm: Dealt with an extremely overtired screaming 4 month old
8:00 pm: Put a screaming 2 year old to bed.
1:00 am: Went to bed after trying to get everything done that I didn't finish during the day (since I have my class during naptime on Tuesdays).
3:00 am: Woke up to an overtired 4 month old screaming again.
4:45 am: Woke up to Madi coughing herself awake, then crying for mommy. Rocked her, calmed her down, gave her some water, and tried to convince her that it was still nighttime and she should go back to sleep. Finally convinced her by agreeing to lay on the floor and hold her hand through the slats of her crib until she fell asleep.
5:15 am: Woke up to the sound of Max fussing, got up off of Madi's floor and went back to my bed where I'd put Max the last time he woke up. Tried to nurse him back to sleep (I know... bad habit, but I was desparate. What am I saying... I do this every time he wakes up at night). Didn't work because he had a series of burps that wouldn't come out.
5:30 am: Finally got Max calmed down and back to sleep.
7:30 am: Woke up to Madi singing in the other room.
7:31 am: Reached for the gun in my bedside table.

Oh, just kidding. The gun is in my closet. Ha, ha... for all of your voyeurs out there reading my blog but don't know who I am, I would never shoot my children. Myself on the other hand... Oh, just kidding. I'm going to get a visit from social services if I'm not careful.

Besides the rough start, today went just fine. I only have two funny Madi stories that may only be funny to me because I'm sleep deprived. Nevertheless, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will put them below.

Madi was eating breakfast and was so engrossed in it that she didn't notice me slipping out with Max to change him and get him dressed. I heard her talking and singing, then about five minutes after we left, I heard her ask a question and say, "Right, baby brother?" In my head, I could see her turn in her seat to look at Max's appointed place in his bouncer. Then I heard a very distressed gasp. "Where did Baby Brother go? Mommy!! Baby brother's gone! He's gone!" I was laughing so hard picturing a little four month old Max getting up out of his bouncer seat and walking away. I assured her that Max was ok, he was with me and we'd be right back. She was SO relieved. :)

The other funny story is even more funny if you know that Madi has an overdeveloped gag reflex that kicks in anytime she sees something gross. "Gross" to her usually includes anything hairy or fuzzy (ie: cotton balls, dryer lint, dust rhinos, and that gross dusty hair that sticks to the bottom of your broom), sand (in her mouth or on food she eats), the little bits of corn or fruit that will occasionally get stuck between her teeth, and now her sensitivity has recently expanded to include spit-up. This morning, Max, Madi and I were all lying on the carpet. Madi was playing one of her favorite games "Rolley" (where she rolls Max from his belly to his back and back again). During a moment of rest, Max was lying on his stomach and - I'm sure in response to the rolling- spit up all over the floor. I knew what was coming. I grabbed Madi right as she started the first gag. Usually if I can get her away from the scene of the grossness and distract her, she forgets and stops gagging. Today, unfortunately, we were not so lucky. She continued to gag and put her hand under her mouth so I knew she knew what was coming. She's seen me catch many a vomit in my hands. Well, with teamwork (Madi and I), we managed to capture all the breakfast that spewed out of her mouth in our open hands. Unfortunately, she then realized how gross it was and shook her hand to get all the "gross" off, thereby flinging bits of regurgitated breakfast all over the kitchen floor. Oh well... should give me more incentive to mop now. :)

Duh, duh, da da da da, duh, duh duh duh (to be sung the the circus music). If only I could train Max to jump through hoops, I think I really could earn money doing this mother thing. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I never found the cherry, but I must admit I didn't look that hard. Either she really ate it, her body thought it was a really cherry and completely digested it OR she was just pretending to eat it. I would take a guess, but you really never know with Madi. Now if it were chocolate, I could guess with certainty...

Funny Kids

Yesterday, we were out in the backyard playing. Suddenly, Madi heard or saw something that reminded her of Ammon (from the Book of Mormon). She yelled, "Ammon!" then ran as fast as she could to the house door to go inside. I said, "Madi, what are you doing?" She said, "Going to get some knives." I said, "Knives?! Why are you getting knives?" She responds, "So we can cut people's arms off!" Oh dear. Maybe we'll wait on the story of Ammon for a while longer.

This morning marked a huge victory for Max. Madi came up to him while he was laying on the rug and laid on top of him. This is a daily occurance; however, today, Max took his little hand, reached up and grabbed a chunk of Madi's hair. She struggled for a few minutes, trying to get his tight fist to loosen enough for her to get away. I suppressed the urge to intervene and just watched the whole thing unfold with amusement. The little guy is learning how to defend himself! Maybe Madi will start to think twice about harrassing him in the future. :)

p.s. Yesterday did turn out good, but we didn't get to go to Wilson Farms. After waking both kids from their naps and getting ready to go, I realized Kurt has his keys and mine were locked in the car. We had to call a locksmith to get them out. Sometimes I feel more like the Ringleader at a circus than a mom. Or are they the same thing?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Clever title...think, think, think...

Yeah, that's my clever title. After Emily commented that I made her laugh so hard, I had to go back through my witty blog and see what she was laughing about. Come to realize, it must be because I'm a crude and sadistic woman. It seems that a good deal of my posts reference either death, murder, toilet talk, or genitalia. I have decided to turn over a new blog-leaf and be more upbeat and wholesome.

But my resolve has already weakened. Max woke up twice last night screaming at the top of his lungs, refusing to be comforted. And Madi skipped her nap yesterday, went to bed late and woke up early. I was so tired this morning, the only thing that woke me up was eating ice cream with pecans (the Mormon equivalent to a cup of black coffee, I guess) while looking at the mountain of dirty dishes in the sink. I'm resorting to my crude ways again to say: today sucks.

I have hope, though. It a gorgeous day outside. We're going to go on the Haunted Hayride this afternoon at Wilson Farms.

So even though I'm still in my nightgown (yes, I wear a nightgown sometimes) and Madi is watching her third show on TV and my house is a royal mess and I have homework out the wazoo to do, I believe today will end on a good note.

Funny Madi story from last week:

We went to the store to buy a few things. I told Madi we were going to get some chocolate chips and she patted me on the head and said, "I'm so proud of you, Mommy, for buying chocolate chips." Funny how that still made me feel good, even though I know she just wanted the chocolate.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dirty humor

Here are some memorable and (I think) funny Madi moments for the week:

ME: Are you done doing poopy or do you need some more time? (Yeah, I know... why am I asking a two year this?)
MADI: It's a playground poopy.
ME: A playground poopy? What does that mean?
MADI: It's stuck.

I'm interested to see if I find a little surprise when I change her diaper. Yesterday, my friend Meghan came over with her little girl, McKinley, to sit at my house while Madi napped and I went to class (like she does every week). Madi got out the game "Hi-Ho Cherry-O" and started playing with it. Immediately, McKinley reached for the little cherries. We told Madi that we had to put the game away because we didn't want McKinley to eat the cherries. "She thinks they are real cherries, Madi." Well, Meghan told me that after I left, she heard Madi gulp and kind of cough from the other room. Meghan asked her what was in her mouth. It was a cherry. Madi said, "These are real cherries!" When Meghan asked her if she already swallowed one, she said she did "and it was yummy." Oh Madi.

Two kind of innapropriate Madi stories, but I think they are hilarious, so I'm posting them. Stop reading now if you think you might be offended. :)

Kurt and Madi were playing with some balls in the living room. She started getting rough and throwing the balls at Max or something. Kurt told her she couldn't have the balls if she was going to throw them at Max. She started crying and I told her she could play with some softer balls and she said, "No, I want DADDY's balls!" Hmmm...

Last night, I was rocking Madi in the dark in her room telling her what we would do the next day. She suddenly sat up straight and started poking my chest.
MADI: What's that, Mommy?
ME: (Wanting to teach her the right vocab) That's my breast
MADI: Oh, can I see it?
ME: No, those are Mommy's private parts.
MADI: (poking the other side) Can I see this breast, Mommy?
ME: No, let's just go to sleep, Madi.

Now that I've talked about poop, breasts, and balls, I guess I should stop. :) I've got to go change Madi's playground poopy. I'll be watching for the cherry!

Hansel & Gretel... happily ever after?

So Madi saw a Little Einsteins episode with a revised story of Hansel and Gretel in it and has been wanting to play Hansel and Gretel all week. The song in Little Einsteins was Beethoven's 5th Symphony, so now, she insists that I put on Beethoven's 5th while we reinact the story. But then I realize that she doesn't really know the story. She doesn't realize that Hansel (which in our story is Max) and Gretel (played graciously by Madi) actually push the witch in the oven at the end of the story and kill her. They have conveniently left that out of the Little Einsteins version where the witch shrinks because they play soft music, then she gets launched into the forest by some catapult-like thing that probably came from rocket. She's still alive, just really small and crawling around the forest somewhere.

Which makes me wonder... is that a better "happily ever after" than the real Hansel and Gretel? Did the real Hansel and Gretel go through post-traumatic stress disorder after they realized they had killed another person? Did they go through remorse? Live to re-live that incident every day of their adult lives? Did they turn into serial killers? dysfunctional parents? Or did it not bother them at all? Did they laugh as they tossed the witch into the oven, then sit around eating the rest of her house while the smell of burnt flesh filled the room? Disturbing. Definitely not happily ever after in my book.

But yet, part of me is sad that Madi thinks the Little Einsteins version is the real thing. There's something strangely fulfilling at the end of all those gruesome fairy tales. The feeling that there's a little less bad in the world and a little more good.

Ah, but I wax philosophical. My two precious hours of peace are over. Better go get the crying kid. :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blogging Schmogging!!

I have been trying to post pictures and put little subtitles on them for the last 30 minutes and it keeps looking like... well, like I'm a novice blogger. :) So I'm still working on the pictures. I did get two up from a few posts ago. As you can see, they are not positioned very well, but at least they are on there.

This last week was really fun. It was raining for a good portion of the week, but I think the rain makes everything feel cozy. Monday and Tuesday, we stayed inside and made play-doh, baked it, then painted what we made. We painted, and drew pictures, and watched Super Why (Madi's new favorite show), and did puzzles and games. We "played" Life several times, which means that Madi dumps all the pieces on the floor, opens the board and drives the little cars around on it. We also played "Nemy" (aka: Memory), and Hide-and-seek.

On Wednesday, we went to a puppet show - Johnny Appleseed- in Brookline and it was ok, but ironically enough, not very kid-friendly. Madi was pretty quiet for the whole thing. I was proud of her- 45 minutes is a long time! Now I know that if they had puppets in Sacrament Meeting, all our loud-talking problems would disappear. :) Apparently, she wasn't good enough for the puppet theater people. When the usher came up to me halfway through the show (which, I may add only had about 10 people in attendance) and told me that Madi HAD to sit with her bottom on the seat (even though, I might add again, there was no one behind us that she was blocking), I was so bothered, I blurted out, "If she has to sit down, we will have to leave, and we will not come back." Listen to the mama!! I felt bad, because what I wanted to say was, "If I force her to sit down, she will scream. If she screams, we'll have to leave. If we leave, we can't come back because she won't be able to sit down without screaming. So I'd really rather just stay and let her stand quietly beside me on the seat." Oops. Oh well. Anyway, we ended up stopping by Magic Beans afterwards and Madi had a blast at the little play yard in there while I nursed Max.

Thursday, we went to Kindermusik and then to the Children's Museum with some of our friends. Mayor Menino was there and Madi played with him on the magic electronic square dance floor while his camera crew filmed. Actually, she was really scared of the Mayor and sat on my lap while he stood there in the midst of hundreds of flashing lights. Tried to get a picture, but she wouldn't get close enough for me to snap it.

Friday, we met Kurt in Davis Square and got pizza. Why do we still think we can get Madi to sit quietly and eat in a public place, especially when she's so excited to see Kurt? Are you seeing a pattern? Getting Madi to be quiet seems to always be at the top of my list. Maybe I should stop trying. We came home and Kurt and I fell asleep at like 9pm. Since Max slept through the night, I got my first 8 hours of sleep since May! Yea!

Saturday, we went apple-picking with the Lovelesses. Madi just loves "Negan and Nicliney (or some version of that)." She also loved picking up apples off the ground and eating them. Every time I turned around, she was eating an apple. She also loved when Kurt took her up the ladders to pick apples.

If you ever wonder where Max is during all of our activities, two words usually answer the question: Baby Bjorn. It is definitely a love of my life right now.

Sunday, we had home teachers come before church, then had the Garoz clan and the missionaries over afterwards. It was fun. Carmen's son, Alan, is only 3 weeks older than Max. I bet they'll be buddies when they get older. After everyone left, I made applesauce from a few of what seems like THOUSANDS of apples we have now. :) I also made Jewish Challah bread, just on a whim. The applesauce: awesome. The Challah bread needs practice. :)

I have a feeling I'm not doing this blogging thing right, but oh well. I just want to remember fun stuff in 10 years when I'm on death's door. :) j/k

Monday, October 8, 2007

Per your Request, Lord Knight...

Kurt asked me to post these funny Madi stories that I emailed to my family the other day. Here is the email from Oct. 4th:

I have so many of these lately, I can't keep up. Here's the latest from this morning:

We were in the car. I was trying to turn left out of our street onto Mass Ave (a really busy street), but there was this huge semi illegally parked at the curb on my left. I couldn't see past it to see if any cars were coming. I slowly inched out and nearly got smashed by a car going really fast. I did the classic opera singer distress yelp. This is where the story ensues:

MADI: Are you ok, Mommy?
ME: Yeah, that stupid truck was in the way and I couldn't see the cars coming.
MADI: Oh. Can you say, "Will you please move, stupid truck?"
ME: chuckling. Yeah, that's a good idea.
MADI: Yeah, that's a good idea. Stupid truck, will you please move?
ME: Stupid truck, will you please move? I don't think he's going to move, Madi. I think the driver's gone.
MADI: Oh. Ok, stupid truck. Bye. Have fun!

Almost as cute are the recent conversations she has with/about Jesus. The other day, we went to the beach (a lake beach by our house). The sun was setting on the water and was really bright. She looked at the reflection and said, "Mommy, it's so bright!! Jesus is coming!" I thought that was quite interesting, since I've never told her Jesus is bright or associated him with light, even. Just as I was thinking that it was a really cool, spiritual moment, she says, "Yeah! Jesus is coming to swim! You want to go swimming Jesus?" Later that day, though, she said out of the blue: "Mommy, Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming. The angels are here!" Maybe I should put more stock in this?

Well, maybe not... On the way home from Wilson Farms today, I let her eat some strawberries. She wanted some more, which I couldn't get b/c I was driving. She says, "Oh, Jesus is here! Hello, Jesus!" Then she says, "No! They're MY strawberries, Jesus! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!"

Good-bye Cranberries, Hello Museum...

We woke up today to hear rain pounding on our tin roof (covered in shingles- it makes for a cozy sound). I wonder if it was raining when Columbus discovered the New World. Probably it didn't dampen his celebrations; but unfortunately, 500+ years later, it doesn't seem as cool to celebrate in a thunder storm. We decided to skip the Cranberry Festival at Edaville Farms and go to the Columbus Day Open House at the Museum of Fine Arts instead. We will hopefully see Edaville before year's end. They have a bunch of cool activities up until Christmas. Fellow Bostonians, check it out:

Every so often, the MFA has an Open House- a day free to the public- with a bunch of fun activities planned. One of the activities they had today was an interpretive dance done by two of Boston Ballet's soloists. They danced to a Bach piece played on a solo cello. It was enchanting! I loved it! Madi did, too... in the beginning. She said, "They so pwetty, Mommy!" while the people sitting around me smiled. Then about five minutes into it, she said (in her typically loud voice), "I don't like the ballet dancers, Mommy!! I don't like it" What she was trying to say in her little Madi way was, "I'm bored because we've been sitting her for 20 minutes waiting for this to start and now I need to get up and run around." So as soon as the first piece ended, I got up. Problem was, my stroller was wedged into the corner behind several rows of people crowding in to see the dance. Shoot. We ended up going up and down the stairs, riding the elevator, and looking at some of the cool exhibits (really fast, as 2 year olds are wont to do) while we waited for the performance to end. Max was a gem. I'm so lucky to have such a good-natured little kid who will basically sleep anywhere. He was awake during the dancing, though, and I think he really liked it. He was jumping up and down (a feat made possible by his restraint in the Baby Bjorn and my sitting on the floor).

Besides the semi-embarrassing comment, Madi did pretty good. When we first walked in the museum, she had a blast looking at all the exhibits from her stroller. She kept asking, "What's that cool thing, Mommy?" And in the musical instrument exhibit, she pointed out the cellos, violins, pianos, and trumpets all on her own. The docent looked impressed, but I really can't take credit for her cultural savvy. Thank you, Little Einsteins :).

After the museum, we headed to Lizzie's for lunch. We had a little "HBS wives luncheon," for a few of us still in the area. Lunch was, of course, delicious!! How can you beat going to lunch at the home of a certified, pro chef! And the company was also great. It was good to see Rose, Mandy, and Emily O. again. I hope we keep this little tradition up.

Well, we are contemplating a trip to New York tomorrow to see Kurty. He's got a hotel already and they don't charge extra for me and the chitlins, so we may go up after my class tomorrow and see him when he gets home at 10 :). Worth it? Not sure.

I do have a few pictures from today, but have yet to download them... my camera is out of batteries. Soon, soon...

This blogging thing is kind of addicting. Maybe I'll start posting more.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Oh how lovely was "Gentle Conference" morning

It was a great weekend. Can you really beat sitting at home in your PJs all weekend watching TV with your family? Madi loved hanging out with us on the couch, too; although, she talked really loud, like she always does. Finally when I couldn't really hear the speakers anymore and it was when she usually goes to sleep, I said, "Ok, Madi. I think it's about time for your nap now." She said, "NO!! I'm listening to Gentle Conference, Mommy!" And she really did sit on the couch playing with puzzles for the rest of the conference.... not without a few "gentle" reminders that she could either listen quietly or go take a nap. :) Anyway, the conference was great. It always seems like the speakers are speaking directly to me and my concerns of the moment. Good stuff.

Last week, Madi and I went to the Children's Museum, the library, several playgrounds, the beach, Wilson Farms, and a few other places and I only managed to snap 2 pictures during the entire week. I guess it's just evidence that I am not a true blogger yet, right? I will learn eventually...

One of my favorite Madi moments of the week:

ME: Oh, Madi. You are probably really hungry.
MADI: Yeah. I probably need some chocolate.