Funny Kids

Yesterday, we were out in the backyard playing. Suddenly, Madi heard or saw something that reminded her of Ammon (from the Book of Mormon). She yelled, "Ammon!" then ran as fast as she could to the house door to go inside. I said, "Madi, what are you doing?" She said, "Going to get some knives." I said, "Knives?! Why are you getting knives?" She responds, "So we can cut people's arms off!" Oh dear. Maybe we'll wait on the story of Ammon for a while longer.

This morning marked a huge victory for Max. Madi came up to him while he was laying on the rug and laid on top of him. This is a daily occurance; however, today, Max took his little hand, reached up and grabbed a chunk of Madi's hair. She struggled for a few minutes, trying to get his tight fist to loosen enough for her to get away. I suppressed the urge to intervene and just watched the whole thing unfold with amusement. The little guy is learning how to defend himself! Maybe Madi will start to think twice about harrassing him in the future. :)

p.s. Yesterday did turn out good, but we didn't get to go to Wilson Farms. After waking both kids from their naps and getting ready to go, I realized Kurt has his keys and mine were locked in the car. We had to call a locksmith to get them out. Sometimes I feel more like the Ringleader at a circus than a mom. Or are they the same thing?


ty & megs said…
could that possibly explain why madi told me today: "i have knives that are toys."
Steve and Cami said…
yours is my absolute favorite blog jenn. i LOVE it all. i love the dirty humor, i love the descriptions of the chaos. it just seems all too familiar.

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