Since I seem to be having such a hard time getting recent photos up on my posts, I will put a few on here from our fun Labor Day excursion to Crane Beach. We went with all the "dentals" (ie: dental student in our ward). Who knew dentistry could be so fun!! They are definitely a happenin crowd around these parts.

Kurt buried Madi in the sand. I think he was going to try to bury all of her, but she was a little too impatient and isn't a huge fan of having sand close to her mouth (see previous blog entry).

This picture doesn't do it justice. There were literally hundreds of people on the beach that day. It was so crowded. Luckily, we got there early enough that we got a good, large spot close to the surf.

Kurty and Max, the sole bearers of the Knight testosterone (the Boston Knights, that is...not trying to demean the Utah Knights' masculinity). Looks like Kurt is saluting, doesn't it? Aye, Salute to you as well, Cap'n!

Madi and I building a sand castle. Thanks for snapping a picture, Kurt. Now our posterity will see that I do actually exist (I'm not very good at taking pictures of me or with me in them).

The kiddies crowding around a bucket with a hermit crab in it. Thanks to Brianne's mother-in-law for doing the catching. Poor McKinley. Someday you'll be able to fight your way in. For now, I guess you'll have to be content to look at Marcus' shorts.


Katie said…
the salute picture made me laugh out loud. :)

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