Oh how lovely was "Gentle Conference" morning

It was a great weekend. Can you really beat sitting at home in your PJs all weekend watching TV with your family? Madi loved hanging out with us on the couch, too; although, she talked really loud, like she always does. Finally when I couldn't really hear the speakers anymore and it was when she usually goes to sleep, I said, "Ok, Madi. I think it's about time for your nap now." She said, "NO!! I'm listening to Gentle Conference, Mommy!" And she really did sit on the couch playing with puzzles for the rest of the conference.... not without a few "gentle" reminders that she could either listen quietly or go take a nap. :) Anyway, the conference was great. It always seems like the speakers are speaking directly to me and my concerns of the moment. Good stuff.

Last week, Madi and I went to the Children's Museum, the library, several playgrounds, the beach, Wilson Farms, and a few other places and I only managed to snap 2 pictures during the entire week. I guess it's just evidence that I am not a true blogger yet, right? I will learn eventually...

One of my favorite Madi moments of the week:

ME: Oh, Madi. You are probably really hungry.
MADI: Yeah. I probably need some chocolate.


ty & megs said…
oh madi. a girl after my own chocolate lovin' heart.

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