My night last night....

6:30-7:30 pm: Dealt with an extremely overtired screaming 4 month old
8:00 pm: Put a screaming 2 year old to bed.
1:00 am: Went to bed after trying to get everything done that I didn't finish during the day (since I have my class during naptime on Tuesdays).
3:00 am: Woke up to an overtired 4 month old screaming again.
4:45 am: Woke up to Madi coughing herself awake, then crying for mommy. Rocked her, calmed her down, gave her some water, and tried to convince her that it was still nighttime and she should go back to sleep. Finally convinced her by agreeing to lay on the floor and hold her hand through the slats of her crib until she fell asleep.
5:15 am: Woke up to the sound of Max fussing, got up off of Madi's floor and went back to my bed where I'd put Max the last time he woke up. Tried to nurse him back to sleep (I know... bad habit, but I was desparate. What am I saying... I do this every time he wakes up at night). Didn't work because he had a series of burps that wouldn't come out.
5:30 am: Finally got Max calmed down and back to sleep.
7:30 am: Woke up to Madi singing in the other room.

Besides the rough start, today went just fine. I only have two funny Madi stories that may only be funny to me because I'm sleep deprived. Nevertheless, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will put them below.

Madi was eating breakfast and was so engrossed in it that she didn't notice me slipping out with Max to change him and get him dressed. I heard her talking and singing, then about five minutes after we left, I heard her ask a question and say, "Right, baby brother?" In my head, I could see her turn in her seat to look at Max's appointed place in his bouncer. Then I heard a very distressed gasp. "Where did Baby Brother go? Mommy!! Baby brother's gone! He's gone!" I was laughing so hard picturing a little four month old Max getting up out of his bouncer seat and walking away. I assured her that Max was ok, he was with me and we'd be right back. She was SO relieved. :)

The other funny story is even more funny if you know that Madi has an overdeveloped gag reflex that kicks in anytime she sees something gross. "Gross" to her usually includes anything hairy or fuzzy (ie: cotton balls, dryer lint, dust rhinos, and that gross dusty hair that sticks to the bottom of your broom), sand (in her mouth or on food she eats), the little bits of corn or fruit that will occasionally get stuck between her teeth, and now her sensitivity has recently expanded to include spit-up. This morning, Max, Madi and I were all lying on the carpet. Madi was playing one of her favorite games "Rolley" (where she rolls Max from his belly to his back and back again). During a moment of rest, Max was lying on his stomach and - I'm sure in response to the rolling- spit up all over the floor. I knew what was coming. I grabbed Madi right as she started the first gag. Usually if I can get her away from the scene of the grossness and distract her, she forgets and stops gagging. Today, unfortunately, we were not so lucky. She continued to gag and put her hand under her mouth so I knew she knew what was coming. She's seen me catch many a vomit in my hands. Well, with teamwork (Madi and I), we managed to capture all the breakfast that spewed out of her mouth in our open hands. Unfortunately, she then realized how gross it was and shook her hand to get all the "gross" off, thereby flinging bits of regurgitated breakfast all over the kitchen floor. Oh well... should give me more incentive to mop now. :)

Duh, duh, da da da da, duh, duh duh duh (to be sung the the circus music). If only I could train Max to jump through hoops, I think I really could earn money doing this mother thing. :)


Melanie said…
so, jenn. this is getting to be ridiculous -- why aren't you calling me to come over and play with your kids while you nap or get your stuff done? this is your conscience speaking: call melanie -- she's competent, available, and so desperate to help you out...
S&F Seminario said…
I want you to know that when you are up in the night you can call me because I am probably up in the night as well, doing something to promote dependent sleeping habits in my children. I love your posts, Jenn. Madi cracks me up. I wish I could see her and Miranda interact for even a half an hour. It would be pretty funny.

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