Good-bye Cranberries, Hello Museum...

We woke up today to hear rain pounding on our tin roof (covered in shingles- it makes for a cozy sound). I wonder if it was raining when Columbus discovered the New World. Probably it didn't dampen his celebrations; but unfortunately, 500+ years later, it doesn't seem as cool to celebrate in a thunder storm. We decided to skip the Cranberry Festival at Edaville Farms and go to the Columbus Day Open House at the Museum of Fine Arts instead. We will hopefully see Edaville before year's end. They have a bunch of cool activities up until Christmas. Fellow Bostonians, check it out:

Every so often, the MFA has an Open House- a day free to the public- with a bunch of fun activities planned. One of the activities they had today was an interpretive dance done by two of Boston Ballet's soloists. They danced to a Bach piece played on a solo cello. It was enchanting! I loved it! Madi did, too... in the beginning. She said, "They so pwetty, Mommy!" while the people sitting around me smiled. Then about five minutes into it, she said (in her typically loud voice), "I don't like the ballet dancers, Mommy!! I don't like it" What she was trying to say in her little Madi way was, "I'm bored because we've been sitting her for 20 minutes waiting for this to start and now I need to get up and run around." So as soon as the first piece ended, I got up. Problem was, my stroller was wedged into the corner behind several rows of people crowding in to see the dance. Shoot. We ended up going up and down the stairs, riding the elevator, and looking at some of the cool exhibits (really fast, as 2 year olds are wont to do) while we waited for the performance to end. Max was a gem. I'm so lucky to have such a good-natured little kid who will basically sleep anywhere. He was awake during the dancing, though, and I think he really liked it. He was jumping up and down (a feat made possible by his restraint in the Baby Bjorn and my sitting on the floor).

Besides the semi-embarrassing comment, Madi did pretty good. When we first walked in the museum, she had a blast looking at all the exhibits from her stroller. She kept asking, "What's that cool thing, Mommy?" And in the musical instrument exhibit, she pointed out the cellos, violins, pianos, and trumpets all on her own. The docent looked impressed, but I really can't take credit for her cultural savvy. Thank you, Little Einsteins :).

After the museum, we headed to Lizzie's for lunch. We had a little "HBS wives luncheon," for a few of us still in the area. Lunch was, of course, delicious!! How can you beat going to lunch at the home of a certified, pro chef! And the company was also great. It was good to see Rose, Mandy, and Emily O. again. I hope we keep this little tradition up.

Well, we are contemplating a trip to New York tomorrow to see Kurty. He's got a hotel already and they don't charge extra for me and the chitlins, so we may go up after my class tomorrow and see him when he gets home at 10 :). Worth it? Not sure.

I do have a few pictures from today, but have yet to download them... my camera is out of batteries. Soon, soon...

This blogging thing is kind of addicting. Maybe I'll start posting more.


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