Dirty humor

Here are some memorable and (I think) funny Madi moments for the week:

ME: Are you done doing poopy or do you need some more time? (Yeah, I know... why am I asking a two year this?)
MADI: It's a playground poopy.
ME: A playground poopy? What does that mean?
MADI: It's stuck.

I'm interested to see if I find a little surprise when I change her diaper. Yesterday, my friend Meghan came over with her little girl, McKinley, to sit at my house while Madi napped and I went to class (like she does every week). Madi got out the game "Hi-Ho Cherry-O" and started playing with it. Immediately, McKinley reached for the little cherries. We told Madi that we had to put the game away because we didn't want McKinley to eat the cherries. "She thinks they are real cherries, Madi." Well, Meghan told me that after I left, she heard Madi gulp and kind of cough from the other room. Meghan asked her what was in her mouth. It was a cherry. Madi said, "These are real cherries!" When Meghan asked her if she already swallowed one, she said she did "and it was yummy." Oh Madi.

Two kind of innapropriate Madi stories, but I think they are hilarious, so I'm posting them. Stop reading now if you think you might be offended. :)

Kurt and Madi were playing with some balls in the living room. She started getting rough and throwing the balls at Max or something. Kurt told her she couldn't have the balls if she was going to throw them at Max. She started crying and I told her she could play with some softer balls and she said, "No, I want DADDY's balls!" Hmmm...

Last night, I was rocking Madi in the dark in her room telling her what we would do the next day. She suddenly sat up straight and started poking my chest.
MADI: What's that, Mommy?
ME: (Wanting to teach her the right vocab) That's my breast
MADI: Oh, can I see it?
ME: No, those are Mommy's private parts.
MADI: (poking the other side) Can I see this breast, Mommy?
ME: No, let's just go to sleep, Madi.

Now that I've talked about poop, breasts, and balls, I guess I should stop. :) I've got to go change Madi's playground poopy. I'll be watching for the cherry!


ty & megs said…
any luck with that cherry?
Emily Leininger said…
You make me laugh so hard! When did you start blogging?

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