Per your Request, Lord Knight...

Kurt asked me to post these funny Madi stories that I emailed to my family the other day. Here is the email from Oct. 4th:

I have so many of these lately, I can't keep up. Here's the latest from this morning:

We were in the car. I was trying to turn left out of our street onto Mass Ave (a really busy street), but there was this huge semi illegally parked at the curb on my left. I couldn't see past it to see if any cars were coming. I slowly inched out and nearly got smashed by a car going really fast. I did the classic opera singer distress yelp. This is where the story ensues:

MADI: Are you ok, Mommy?
ME: Yeah, that stupid truck was in the way and I couldn't see the cars coming.
MADI: Oh. Can you say, "Will you please move, stupid truck?"
ME: chuckling. Yeah, that's a good idea.
MADI: Yeah, that's a good idea. Stupid truck, will you please move?
ME: Stupid truck, will you please move? I don't think he's going to move, Madi. I think the driver's gone.
MADI: Oh. Ok, stupid truck. Bye. Have fun!

Almost as cute are the recent conversations she has with/about Jesus. The other day, we went to the beach (a lake beach by our house). The sun was setting on the water and was really bright. She looked at the reflection and said, "Mommy, it's so bright!! Jesus is coming!" I thought that was quite interesting, since I've never told her Jesus is bright or associated him with light, even. Just as I was thinking that it was a really cool, spiritual moment, she says, "Yeah! Jesus is coming to swim! You want to go swimming Jesus?" Later that day, though, she said out of the blue: "Mommy, Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming. The angels are here!" Maybe I should put more stock in this?

Well, maybe not... On the way home from Wilson Farms today, I let her eat some strawberries. She wanted some more, which I couldn't get b/c I was driving. She says, "Oh, Jesus is here! Hello, Jesus!" Then she says, "No! They're MY strawberries, Jesus! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!"


ty & megs said…
ok. that is too funny.

i see you are catching on the this blog thing pretty strong! kinda scary how addicting it is, no?
Steve and Cami said…
I love it. Madi was even funny before she could speak in full sentences. Sounds like you are finding a lot of fun stuff to do. Hooray for the Baby Bjorn and more importantly that Max wants to sleep in the Baby Bjorn. Miss you!

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