Blogging Schmogging!!

I have been trying to post pictures and put little subtitles on them for the last 30 minutes and it keeps looking like... well, like I'm a novice blogger. :) So I'm still working on the pictures. I did get two up from a few posts ago. As you can see, they are not positioned very well, but at least they are on there.

This last week was really fun. It was raining for a good portion of the week, but I think the rain makes everything feel cozy. Monday and Tuesday, we stayed inside and made play-doh, baked it, then painted what we made. We painted, and drew pictures, and watched Super Why (Madi's new favorite show), and did puzzles and games. We "played" Life several times, which means that Madi dumps all the pieces on the floor, opens the board and drives the little cars around on it. We also played "Nemy" (aka: Memory), and Hide-and-seek.

On Wednesday, we went to a puppet show - Johnny Appleseed- in Brookline and it was ok, but ironically enough, not very kid-friendly. Madi was pretty quiet for the whole thing. I was proud of her- 45 minutes is a long time! Now I know that if they had puppets in Sacrament Meeting, all our loud-talking problems would disappear. :) Apparently, she wasn't good enough for the puppet theater people. When the usher came up to me halfway through the show (which, I may add only had about 10 people in attendance) and told me that Madi HAD to sit with her bottom on the seat (even though, I might add again, there was no one behind us that she was blocking), I was so bothered, I blurted out, "If she has to sit down, we will have to leave, and we will not come back." Listen to the mama!! I felt bad, because what I wanted to say was, "If I force her to sit down, she will scream. If she screams, we'll have to leave. If we leave, we can't come back because she won't be able to sit down without screaming. So I'd really rather just stay and let her stand quietly beside me on the seat." Oops. Oh well. Anyway, we ended up stopping by Magic Beans afterwards and Madi had a blast at the little play yard in there while I nursed Max.

Thursday, we went to Kindermusik and then to the Children's Museum with some of our friends. Mayor Menino was there and Madi played with him on the magic electronic square dance floor while his camera crew filmed. Actually, she was really scared of the Mayor and sat on my lap while he stood there in the midst of hundreds of flashing lights. Tried to get a picture, but she wouldn't get close enough for me to snap it.

Friday, we met Kurt in Davis Square and got pizza. Why do we still think we can get Madi to sit quietly and eat in a public place, especially when she's so excited to see Kurt? Are you seeing a pattern? Getting Madi to be quiet seems to always be at the top of my list. Maybe I should stop trying. We came home and Kurt and I fell asleep at like 9pm. Since Max slept through the night, I got my first 8 hours of sleep since May! Yea!

Saturday, we went apple-picking with the Lovelesses. Madi just loves "Negan and Nicliney (or some version of that)." She also loved picking up apples off the ground and eating them. Every time I turned around, she was eating an apple. She also loved when Kurt took her up the ladders to pick apples.

If you ever wonder where Max is during all of our activities, two words usually answer the question: Baby Bjorn. It is definitely a love of my life right now.

Sunday, we had home teachers come before church, then had the Garoz clan and the missionaries over afterwards. It was fun. Carmen's son, Alan, is only 3 weeks older than Max. I bet they'll be buddies when they get older. After everyone left, I made applesauce from a few of what seems like THOUSANDS of apples we have now. :) I also made Jewish Challah bread, just on a whim. The applesauce: awesome. The Challah bread needs practice. :)

I have a feeling I'm not doing this blogging thing right, but oh well. I just want to remember fun stuff in 10 years when I'm on death's door. :) j/k


so, we WILL be needing your applesauce recipe. i have exhausted all of my apple creativity and we still have a plethora.

and i'll bet you have at least 12 more years until you are on death's door. maybe.
Jenn! I didn't know you had a blog. I never look at blogs but did today for some reason. I'm so impressed. It looks great. Way to go!!

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